Saturday, March 30, 2013


We got a puppy!!! Well I got a puppy, and I am completely in love - even though she likes to start her day WAY earlier than should be allowed.

Meet Bijou.

She is a teensy tiny Maltese that has pretty much wrapped everyone including Mark right around her paw.

Everyone except Clemmie... she's a little less than thrilled.  It might have something to do with the fact that Bijou wants to sleep in her beds, sit on her head, lick her stinky breath, attack her hair bow... you know regular puppy stuff!


Clem is attempting to be a good sport, she scoots over in HER beds, allowed the removal of her darling easter hair adornment, and regularly shows her her teeth for dental delight.  She is overall such a sweet old girl, she doesn't go after her, she just shows Bijou her less than pearly whites.

Last weekend Bijou met some of her cousins, Chunk, Molli and Jet.  Everyone got along fine, Jet might have been a little put off, as he's been the 'baby' and Molli will just flat out NOT even look at her, but they all were fine together.

And yesterday, Bijou met Levi.  I think he was scared, or confused as to exactly what she was.. it was just too cute. 

She has no idea how tiny she is!!!!

So we are working on training... not sure if it's me or her that's being trained, but we're working on it!!

And, it is exhausting!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


The professional wedding pictures are here.  They are FAB... I want to share a ton of them, but can't... yet.  So I'll just let you see a sneak peak.

and THE best Photo Bomb ever... (look thru door way)

and... right off the cover of Bride's Magazine...

Pretty people aren't they, she asks cheekily...