Sunday, July 7, 2013


That's what my dad always said, drove my sister and I crazy... but there is some truth to it, so I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday.

Well now... Mark's been home for the last 2 weeks... what he calls 'working remotely'.  Remotely in the living room, on the deck, in the kitchen, on the front porch, even at the pool ... he has many offices here. It's nice to have him around, but it does throw off my busy schedule.

I mentioned to him he was costing us a LOT of money hanging around here, I'm running the dishwasher almost daily and doing more laundry.  He said, 'speaking of money, what's with all the packages that UPS brings? Is that all you do, shop on line'?  To which I said, 'no, sometimes I go to the stores'.

love that man....

And anyway, it was another birthday month, well it IS another birthday month. Corbin, Blain and Dan- are all July babies.  So I did some extra ordering.  They are all getting things from J.Jill and Zappos...

We celebrated the 4th really low key. We hit the pool and then headed into the city to the boat for fireworks.

I love fireworks, but seriously Rahm, step it up already. It was 15 minutes. Period.  Now, granted it is fifteen minutes straight, and gorgeous with the city behind it, with various buildings lit in red, white and blue, but it was way too short.

A few years ago, it was unbelievably cool, but then the city got cheap... or all the crooked Illinois politicians wasted the fireworks fund, so no more.

The 5th was Corbin's 25th birthday... how can my baby be 25? I remember the year he was born, taking the girls to fireworks the night before, dropping them at my grandma's to spend the night before the 'big event' the next day.  I remember ironing the stuff I was taking to the hospital late that night - I must of been crazy.  Got to have a freshly pressed night gown and robe after giving birth?

Anyway, we celebrated his birthday Sat. night in Chicago. Scarlett & Jessica thought we should take him to Bub City, a country bar-b-que restaurant. And that we should surprise him. Yeah... that was easy, not.  Who'd of ever thunk that Corbin would be Mr. Responsible (I've got to work, I have so MUCH going on) that he wouldn't jump on the idea of a sail with his dad, followed by a quick drink? (where we'd be waiting to SURPRISE him) No... so I finally told him, that we were doing something for HIM on Sat. night- could he make himself available, please? He did.

Anyway, we went, had a fabulously wonderful time, Scarlett scored us a premier table, (nice to have that inside, Scarlett & Dan).  Delish Bar-B-Que, and whiskey.  It's also a whisky bar.  That's the justification for some of the following pictures... hic

A birthday treat...

We were joined by Alix! Love this girl!! Corbin and Alix have been friends since they were babies; once when he was a little guy, he told me Alix was like a brother to him... take that as a compliment Alix... I think...

yes, that is her shoe at the end of her leg?

We are nothing if not fun, sometimes a little too much fun