Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's my title and, I embrace it.

 It is what it is. I admit it, and I abhor people who don't, and pretend they are all organized, and get it ALL done way in advance, blah,blah, blah...

 So, I confess... I think it might have been two years ago, (give or take) I decided that my checkerboard floor needed an overhaul. It was in need of some updating. So we painted it black and white. I really liked it. A LOT. When I originally did it, I painted a 'matching' runner down my stairs, looked cool, labor intense, but the end product was great.

 You guessed.... I 'PROCRASTINATED' and JUST finally repainted it last week/weekend. So, yes, it's been two different colors for a couple years. Stair runner one color and the floor at the bottom of said stairs another.  And, I'm SO confident in my world, I didn't worry about it when I entertained. I may or may not have apologized for it, with a dismissive hand wave.

 Kind of like when one of my little darlings ran over the GIGANTIC claw foot bathtub, failed to mention it and caused a large section of plaster to fall in my dining room. I hosted a New Year's party with plastic covering the hole. Gave someone a 'tour' of Victorian Hell, and said....'it's a confident woman who entertains with THAT on their dining room ceiling'. 


 That actually was one of those 'Ardith' moments... I came home from school for lunch, and went into the dining room and there was plaster everywhere... I was gobsmacked, and thought for sure it was the handiwork of a raccoon. We had 'rescued' a couple baby raccoons (bottle fed and all) and ended up with one who stayed and became quite large. I guess I thought he'd managed to break in and demolish the plaster?? Who knows. Anyway I came to my senses, and realized that it wasn't the raccoon at all, it was the bathtub, and it was YET ANOTHER THING THAT NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT. (As they get older the truth comes out on more and more of these items).

 I digress.. So anyway, since I am hosting all this wedding hoopla, I decided it was time to redo the stairs,

and doing that, you know what that means.... my body is hurting in weird places, and.........The whole damn house looks shabby... I need to redo it all.. Where is that stupid Ty Pennington when I need him?

 Why can't these girls go for the ladder with flowers hot glued to it? I think that's just lovely- don't you?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We are in serious, up to your ears, wedding mode here.  This mother is seriously BUSY! My calendar is overflowing, my checkbook, not so much.

Not sure what I've divulged on here, but, Jessica is getting married Aug. 11 and Scarlett is getting married Jan. 19.

 Now, in case you missed that point, that would be 2 WEDDINGS IN 5 MONTHS...


Jessica's wedding is a small ceremony, with a cocktail party following, at our house. Ah, yeah... here.. in Victorian Hell.  Victorian Hell, that I look around and think, really?  I need to do a little redecorating,  actually, maybe I need to do a LOT of redecorating. Ugh.

And, as we know, I work well under pressure, so the fact that I have 4 months until August doesn't make me nervous at all... haha, yeah, right.  I do have a ton of fabulous ideas, as does Jess... now, if only I knew a good landscaper...

....Corbin.... are you reading this???

Scarlett being Scarlett, is having her wedding in a repurposed warehouse in downtown Chicago.  EVERYTHING has to be brought in.  By everything, I mean EVERYTHING from the forks to the tables, to the staff.

Originally, I thought, I'd  plan this, what else do I have to do? Right?

Wrong.  I hired a wedding planner.

We've met with her a couple times already, and I think she's going to be great.  Monday, we checked out the venue, and gave her an overview of the 'look' Scarlett had in mind.  We got a feel for some placement and I came away feeling that this can be done and will be awesome.

Honestly, I am happy to dump some of this stuff in her lap and let her worry about the forks.... etc, so I can worry about the important things.. like what the hell I'm going to wear and how to convince Mark to spring for a little nip/tuck.

Yeah, right.

We have successfully dress shopped for the brides ... Jess got her's last week, and Scarlett got her's today.  They are both just beautiful,  not to brag, but my two girls would look beautiful in gunny sacks.  This is where the pictures come in...

Not happening...suffice to say, you'll just have to wait!

It's been a very expensive couple of weeks, and I have a feeling it's just beginning.  Now, seriously when you have a daughter, it's not just about the hair bows, ruffly pants and dolls ... you've got to factor in the dresses, from the little smocked ones with matching bloomers to the prom dress (a zillion times) and  the big finale... the wedding.  There is nothing reasonable about a wedding dress... but what the hell,  why not say 'YES TO THE DRESS'!?!

 I'll leave you with a picture from my kitchen window.  We've got a squirrel that's just a little pushy as well as being a window peeker.  He's out there looking at me way too much.....just a little creepy I tell you.

Monday, April 9, 2012


We don't really.  Well, maybe we do, I'm not there.

But I was last week.  It was lovely, as usual.  It's starting to feel like home away from home, I know the doormen by name.  My driver hugs me hello and goodbye, and the waiter at my fave evening haunt knows what I drink.

This time, we broke tradition.  Well, 'we' didn't, Mark did. He actually took Thursday afternoon off!! Amazing.  This was huge.  I didn't notice the world stopped spinning, did you all?

I know, I know, snarkyness is unattractive....

Anyway, we went to the King Tut exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Art. It was AWESOME!  I'd always regretted not seeing Tut's treasures when they visited Chicago years ago.  And as much as I'd like to go to Egypt, I don't think the climate is right for American's at the moment, so that trip is unlikely.  But...last month when I was in Houston, riding the Light Rail to the Rodeo, the sign caught my eye, and now,  I've been.  And it was tremendous.

That Tut, (funky Tut) he had some extremely cool stuff.  Gorgoeus gold jewels, and some unbelievably cool gold sandals (we all know what a shoe girl I am).  Now, ladies, I'm not talking gold lame... I'm talking SOLID GOLD.  (they made an impression).

The carving in the statues was so tremendous. Their burial, was a major production.  They started LONG before they even thought about dying, preparing their tombs.   It's hard to fathom how old this stuff is, and how amazingly preserved it all is.  Tut's bed was there, with the woven rush bottom, still intact on his very thin wooden bed.   A bit of white paint still visible.  Actually a lot of things had original paint still visible.  I could go on and on...

Other than that, we did a dueling piano bar... always a good time.  Although, not everyone was having a good time, the couple at the table in front of us had a big fight, and she attempted to storm off... she was way wobbly on her too high heels, so it lost some impact.  Just saying'

I hit up Macy's - my only shopping venue within walking distance of the apartment.  Of course I managed to find a couple needful things.

Another great week in Houston,

 in spite of the fact that Steve Martin and 'that song' kept running through my head,  I was even humming it... da da da.......

AAARRRGGHHHH now it's starting again...

"now when I die...don't think that I'm a nut... don't want no fancy funeral...just one like old King Tut"...

I am, after all, a Funeral Director's daughter....

some pictures courtesy of Post Rice; Tut Exhibit