Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's my title and, I embrace it.

 It is what it is. I admit it, and I abhor people who don't, and pretend they are all organized, and get it ALL done way in advance, blah,blah, blah...

 So, I confess... I think it might have been two years ago, (give or take) I decided that my checkerboard floor needed an overhaul. It was in need of some updating. So we painted it black and white. I really liked it. A LOT. When I originally did it, I painted a 'matching' runner down my stairs, looked cool, labor intense, but the end product was great.

 You guessed.... I 'PROCRASTINATED' and JUST finally repainted it last week/weekend. So, yes, it's been two different colors for a couple years. Stair runner one color and the floor at the bottom of said stairs another.  And, I'm SO confident in my world, I didn't worry about it when I entertained. I may or may not have apologized for it, with a dismissive hand wave.

 Kind of like when one of my little darlings ran over the GIGANTIC claw foot bathtub, failed to mention it and caused a large section of plaster to fall in my dining room. I hosted a New Year's party with plastic covering the hole. Gave someone a 'tour' of Victorian Hell, and said....'it's a confident woman who entertains with THAT on their dining room ceiling'. 


 That actually was one of those 'Ardith' moments... I came home from school for lunch, and went into the dining room and there was plaster everywhere... I was gobsmacked, and thought for sure it was the handiwork of a raccoon. We had 'rescued' a couple baby raccoons (bottle fed and all) and ended up with one who stayed and became quite large. I guess I thought he'd managed to break in and demolish the plaster?? Who knows. Anyway I came to my senses, and realized that it wasn't the raccoon at all, it was the bathtub, and it was YET ANOTHER THING THAT NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT. (As they get older the truth comes out on more and more of these items).

 I digress.. So anyway, since I am hosting all this wedding hoopla, I decided it was time to redo the stairs,

and doing that, you know what that means.... my body is hurting in weird places, and.........The whole damn house looks shabby... I need to redo it all.. Where is that stupid Ty Pennington when I need him?

 Why can't these girls go for the ladder with flowers hot glued to it? I think that's just lovely- don't you?


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  1. I'm all for the hot glue gun decorating!!!! LOL!! LOVE the stairs! Please don't tell me where all those aches and pains are tonight...ok??!!!!