Saturday, October 30, 2010


So, as you may remember it's the Trumpy year of the Floor... and I have to move a TON of stuff out of two rooms... including the contents of 2 LARGE armoires. So I went to the liquor store. For boxes, not inspiration. Although for what lay in waiting, I could have used some 'inspiration. Anyway, upon returning home, I decided it was easier to unload them in the front door. I was making the last trip and noticed something in the bushes. A DARLING kitten, oh wait, not just one... FOUR KITTENS. And, I thought they were snuggling by their mom. NO, no upon closer inspection, not their mom... a squirrel. A DEAD squirrel. They were two on either side, lined up like smorgasbord. YUCK.

It was late in the day, so I decided to wait until the next day to make the 'removal'. Bad choice, they'd eaten pretty much ALL of said squirrel. Along with their mother, who'd joined them.

Well, they are living large on my front porch. The mom, enjoying some sun a little 'romp' on my furniture.... could this face not melt the hardest of hearts? time for a snooze.

So, they need homes. And mama needs to be spayed, which I'll spring for if she can be caught. Why does this happen to me, the softest of all hearts?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


That's me.

Let's see, what have I done lately. Well, last weekend we unloaded all the stuff off the boat for the winter. It was a sad day. I hate to think sailing is over for the winter. Sunday I went to the Antique Doll Show. I have a doll addiction. I MIGHT be a doll hoarder. I like them. A lot.

I did have one of those moments last week. I was perusing ebay and ran across an auction for a foot. I have a doll that has a Motschmann body. This is a cool thing, for you non doll people. When I got this doll, she had a foot missing. She's jointed at the ankles and wrists. Anyway, there on ebay, was a foot. And it looked like the correct foot. I checked out which one was missing and measured it... it was the right foot!! I was so excited, but the auction had DAYS to go, and I was afraid I'd forget, so I emailed and asked if they'd consider a buy it now. He said, sure- bid on it and I'll end the auction. So I did. I got the foot for $2.99. I would have paid a lot more, so I was excited. It came and it is perfect- she now has two feet and is just as cute as she can be.

And speaking of dolls, I had to construct a two headed doll for my daughter. They are going to a Halloween party with a circus theme. Her beau is going as a ringmaster, she the beaded woman and their 'offspring'. She's her mother's daughter, that's all I'll say. I gassed up the sewing machine and got out my paints and 'the girls' were born. I gotta say, they are kinda cute. I can't wait for the family portrait!

Biggest news, we went to the Neurologist for my son. His bleeds have been absorbed and he is mending well. We got to see the original scan with the scan from this week side by side. It was fascinating... well, if it wasn't your child it would be, but, since he's doing well, it is fascinating. One thing that did kind of undo me. For some reason, we thought his skull fracture was like an inch or two long. NOT. It stretches all the way from above his ear to the middle of the back of his head. It is huge. He is so damn lucky, and we are so damn grateful.

On to horror.

We live near NIU, where my daughter went. A week and a half ago, a freshman art student (which my daughter was) left her dorm (which my daughter lived in) and disappeared. They found her eventually, they think. Her 'remains' were so badly burned they couldn't tell whether they were human or not. They have not positively identified her yet, but are leaning that way. It makes my blood run cold. What kind of sick person does this? I can't help but think of her, what she went through and her mother... the poor woman. How can she ever face life again? It makes me sick. And frankly a little nervous, too close to home.

And, finally, I stubbed my toe (that I broke or maimed a few weeks ago) again last night. Let me tell you- it hurt like hell. Well, actually it still hurts like hell, and is swollen again. It's supposed to be 48 tomorrow, seriously how stupid will I look in flip flops and I'm heading off to Kindergarten for the afternoon? Duh.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Ugh, I can NOT get that song out of my mind. Last week, we were in the convertible, driving home from the boat and that song was on.... all of a sudden, breaking the silence between us, Mark bursts into the chorus.... we both had a major laugh. But it wasn't over...

It had been YEARS since I'd heard that song.. BUT since last weekend, I've heard it no fewer than 4 times.... you? Like Pina Coloda's? Getting caught in the rain?
I like the taste of Champagne, just saying....

Anyway. We seized the opportunity, and did the smart(?) thing and sailed the boat up to Waukegan on Saturday, early. We don't officially have to be out until Nov. 1, but 70 in October in Chicago? Not often.

It was a PERFECTLY GORGEOUS DAY. Sunny, warm, windy and not too rough. We got a little bit later than we wanted to start, but were set sail around 9 am.
I was sad to say goodbye to our sweet spot in Chicago, but, next year will come, after the long cold nasty winter. Ugh.

Anyway, we made fabulous time. I took the helm a time or two, until it got really gusty, and choppy and it became apparent that I may be thrown overboard... so I took a nap. I did wake up from time to time to be sure my Captain hadn't been thrown overboard. He hadn't. We got there earlier than we expected, had an argument as to where we were going. But eventually found it. I don't mean to be difficult, it just comes naturally.

Next week, we have to go up and move it to the winter place. They are difficult, I think. And as long as I'm into it, the lady who you schedule with is nasty, and rude. I mean, seriously, we called to see about rescheduling our pull out date, and she was just plain nasty... how hard would it be to say, 'I'm sorry, we really don't have any other time, but if something changes, I'll give you a call'...seriously? She had some major negativity going on. I'm going to get a look at her next week and give her the 'stink eye' soon as I find out what that is.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, I subbed today. In 1st grade, where I used to be an aide a zillion years ago (or so it seems). I was a little nervous about going, I'm so unfocused and preoccupied since the accident, and it's been a while since I'd been there, AND I knew I'd have to tell the accident story a lot of times. But, it went well, I didn't lose any kids, or forget what I was doing, or cry.

It was really nice to see all my friends. I really miss those people. And the kids. Well, most of them.

I got a new title..... 'THE MEANEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD'.... yep that's me!! Why you may ask??? Well, it was really nasty, really mean of me... but.... I said in a calm voice.... no, the templates are NOT a math game, they are a math tool. So put them away.....

There, I confessed.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, my boy had ANOTHER wedding to stand up in this weekend. Here's a SUNNY forced picture of he and his buddy Steve looking handsome. It takes it's toll on him; and he's currently out of weddings to stand up in so that is a good thing. He is making progress, it's just slow going. Slower than everyone would like, I'm afraid ~ but he WILL be all right eventually.

On to the weekend. I owe the Weather Gods, a thank you note.... so here it is....

Dear Weather Gods,

Thank you for coming through for me this last weekend. It pretty much couldn't have been better. SERIOUSLY, 85 in October....outstanding!


Mark and I SAILED. Not just once, but both days.

We felt a little guilty not asking anyone, but we needed some time to rehash what's happened and enjoy the boat. So that's what we did. I wanted the kids to join us, and I really had hoped for another family sail, and a family picture on the boat, but it just didn't work. Corbin didn't feel up to it, and was afraid it'd make his dizziness even worse. The girls had other plans, so here's a crummy at arms length picture of Mark and I...

relaxed and having fun...for the moment anyway. Until I broke my gimpy little toe that is.....

Friday, October 8, 2010


I think I have it. I am soooo unfocused. Yesterday I spend too long standing at the kitchen sink, leaning on the cutting board eating an apple staring out the window. There is nothing to see out the kitchen window. Well, nothing except the leaves who haven't really started firing up and falling yet. That and the damn box-elder bugs that swarm around in the sun, before they die, thanks to Chem-Wise. But, that's kind of an odd way to spend 45 minutes. Then there was the appointment that I totally was late for because I couldn't seem to remember what time I needed to be there, well, really what time to leave, honestly..even to go. UGH. I haven't accomplished much at all this week. I washed the glass in my kitchen cabinet doors (wow, how long had it been???) and was pretty much tuckered out.... so then I sat down to knit, but the dog looked so comfy I had to scrounge around for my camera. Then I was out of the mood...

How cute is that? Now the two little hounds are vying for the basket...I aim to please.

I'm aggravated that I feel like this. He is going to be okay. I just can't stop thinking about the 'what if's'; and the girl I know who stood there 1 week before me with a far different outcome. Why her daughter and not my son? God must have something planned for this boy, and he best be working on showing him what it is soon... before he dances with the devil again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dear Weather Gods,

Remember our boat? Well, it'd be nice if you'd honor us with a nice, warm weekend so we could use it. Okay?

I'm not being greedy, but, we are running out of time here, fall is looming; with winter fast on her heels....ughhhh

Just sayin' ......

Friday, October 1, 2010


and no one more than his mama....... here's my boy, less than 2 weeks out of ICU; off the ventilator on his way to a rehearsal dinner. (and out of my view :(....)

He looks FABULOUS ~ doesn't he? He's made great strides in recovery, (ah youth) still has a long way to go, but we are so thankful for the progress he's made and the fact that he has the chance to be here, in this wedding. This is an important wedding for him. It's his buddy Sean's brothers wedding. Sean was tragically killed in an accident last November. Corbin is filling in for Sean. And I know in my heart that Sean is as glad as we are that Corbin is here, to stand in for him.

Nurse Ratched has the evening off.....