Monday, October 18, 2010


Ugh, I can NOT get that song out of my mind. Last week, we were in the convertible, driving home from the boat and that song was on.... all of a sudden, breaking the silence between us, Mark bursts into the chorus.... we both had a major laugh. But it wasn't over...

It had been YEARS since I'd heard that song.. BUT since last weekend, I've heard it no fewer than 4 times.... you? Like Pina Coloda's? Getting caught in the rain?
I like the taste of Champagne, just saying....

Anyway. We seized the opportunity, and did the smart(?) thing and sailed the boat up to Waukegan on Saturday, early. We don't officially have to be out until Nov. 1, but 70 in October in Chicago? Not often.

It was a PERFECTLY GORGEOUS DAY. Sunny, warm, windy and not too rough. We got a little bit later than we wanted to start, but were set sail around 9 am.
I was sad to say goodbye to our sweet spot in Chicago, but, next year will come, after the long cold nasty winter. Ugh.

Anyway, we made fabulous time. I took the helm a time or two, until it got really gusty, and choppy and it became apparent that I may be thrown overboard... so I took a nap. I did wake up from time to time to be sure my Captain hadn't been thrown overboard. He hadn't. We got there earlier than we expected, had an argument as to where we were going. But eventually found it. I don't mean to be difficult, it just comes naturally.

Next week, we have to go up and move it to the winter place. They are difficult, I think. And as long as I'm into it, the lady who you schedule with is nasty, and rude. I mean, seriously, we called to see about rescheduling our pull out date, and she was just plain nasty... how hard would it be to say, 'I'm sorry, we really don't have any other time, but if something changes, I'll give you a call'...seriously? She had some major negativity going on. I'm going to get a look at her next week and give her the 'stink eye' soon as I find out what that is.

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