Wednesday, October 27, 2010


That's me.

Let's see, what have I done lately. Well, last weekend we unloaded all the stuff off the boat for the winter. It was a sad day. I hate to think sailing is over for the winter. Sunday I went to the Antique Doll Show. I have a doll addiction. I MIGHT be a doll hoarder. I like them. A lot.

I did have one of those moments last week. I was perusing ebay and ran across an auction for a foot. I have a doll that has a Motschmann body. This is a cool thing, for you non doll people. When I got this doll, she had a foot missing. She's jointed at the ankles and wrists. Anyway, there on ebay, was a foot. And it looked like the correct foot. I checked out which one was missing and measured it... it was the right foot!! I was so excited, but the auction had DAYS to go, and I was afraid I'd forget, so I emailed and asked if they'd consider a buy it now. He said, sure- bid on it and I'll end the auction. So I did. I got the foot for $2.99. I would have paid a lot more, so I was excited. It came and it is perfect- she now has two feet and is just as cute as she can be.

And speaking of dolls, I had to construct a two headed doll for my daughter. They are going to a Halloween party with a circus theme. Her beau is going as a ringmaster, she the beaded woman and their 'offspring'. She's her mother's daughter, that's all I'll say. I gassed up the sewing machine and got out my paints and 'the girls' were born. I gotta say, they are kinda cute. I can't wait for the family portrait!

Biggest news, we went to the Neurologist for my son. His bleeds have been absorbed and he is mending well. We got to see the original scan with the scan from this week side by side. It was fascinating... well, if it wasn't your child it would be, but, since he's doing well, it is fascinating. One thing that did kind of undo me. For some reason, we thought his skull fracture was like an inch or two long. NOT. It stretches all the way from above his ear to the middle of the back of his head. It is huge. He is so damn lucky, and we are so damn grateful.

On to horror.

We live near NIU, where my daughter went. A week and a half ago, a freshman art student (which my daughter was) left her dorm (which my daughter lived in) and disappeared. They found her eventually, they think. Her 'remains' were so badly burned they couldn't tell whether they were human or not. They have not positively identified her yet, but are leaning that way. It makes my blood run cold. What kind of sick person does this? I can't help but think of her, what she went through and her mother... the poor woman. How can she ever face life again? It makes me sick. And frankly a little nervous, too close to home.

And, finally, I stubbed my toe (that I broke or maimed a few weeks ago) again last night. Let me tell you- it hurt like hell. Well, actually it still hurts like hell, and is swollen again. It's supposed to be 48 tomorrow, seriously how stupid will I look in flip flops and I'm heading off to Kindergarten for the afternoon? Duh.

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