Saturday, October 30, 2010


So, as you may remember it's the Trumpy year of the Floor... and I have to move a TON of stuff out of two rooms... including the contents of 2 LARGE armoires. So I went to the liquor store. For boxes, not inspiration. Although for what lay in waiting, I could have used some 'inspiration. Anyway, upon returning home, I decided it was easier to unload them in the front door. I was making the last trip and noticed something in the bushes. A DARLING kitten, oh wait, not just one... FOUR KITTENS. And, I thought they were snuggling by their mom. NO, no upon closer inspection, not their mom... a squirrel. A DEAD squirrel. They were two on either side, lined up like smorgasbord. YUCK.

It was late in the day, so I decided to wait until the next day to make the 'removal'. Bad choice, they'd eaten pretty much ALL of said squirrel. Along with their mother, who'd joined them.

Well, they are living large on my front porch. The mom, enjoying some sun a little 'romp' on my furniture.... could this face not melt the hardest of hearts? time for a snooze.

So, they need homes. And mama needs to be spayed, which I'll spring for if she can be caught. Why does this happen to me, the softest of all hearts?



  1. Looks to me like they've already found their home...hehe.

  2. So, that's where they went. They were living under Arlene's stairs. Joy and I were watching them and then they disappeared. Glad they're okay! Thanks for helping them! Softie!