Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DUST....and CATS....

So in the continuing saga of the cats.. We've live trapped 2 kittens, the mother and one possum. Who'd like to adopt the possum?

Before you go crazy on me, the kittens are big enough to be away from their mom, so until we get the other two all's good. The mother is being spayed and will be re-released in my yard, as she is feral. And I mean feral. Poor dear, she didn't care AT ALL for the cage. Bonked her nose a time of two, I really felt bad. Anyway, the two captured kittens already have a home and the 1st one caught is already settling in nicely. And adored by her new 'big brothers'. I'm anxious to hear how the other one is doing. The possum has been relocated to a wooded area away from here, in case he's a dullard and keeps climbing in the live trap. And, let me say, I am SO GRATEFUL to the wonderful person who is helping me with this.

And, on to the floor. We moved ALL the furniture out of the two rooms.. wandered around and discussed some major remodeling ideas. We (Mark and I) are KINDA on the same page with these, so that alone is pretty darn amazing. he has some great ideas, we need to fine tune some of it and decide whether or not we want to dump money and effort into the shack...

But at any rate, we rented the dreaded sander and I jumped aboard and we stripped both rooms.

So now we have a half done project. The living room is empty and the pocket doors are shut. The TV room is covered with tarps keeping the floor safe (it has NO finish on it) and it's rocking a minimalist look. And frankly, I'm liking it. There's just a sofa, chair, TV and table. I think I just may have to throw half this crap out.

Seriously, I NEED new family room furniture, and I think there is no time like the present-don't you agree??