Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yesterday, we had to take our 15 year old Maltese Phoebe, on the dreaded one way trip. She was failing; had started falling. Almost like her back legs were giving out. She'd also stop, bob her head, and kind of like freeze. We knew it was coming soon. Mark orchestrated it, while I was out. I came back earlier than expected and asked Corbin WHY he was soaking wet? (It was storming, with serious RAIN) Corbin replied, 'don't ask', so I didn't. When it was time to go, Mark did tell me, then I knew why Corbin was wet. He was digging the hole, in our pet burial ground.

Why do dogs never just sleep away? Why is it always an orchestrated event? And, why is it we offer such a peaceful compassionate death to our beloved pets, but, watch PEOPLE we love, die in agony? Something isn't right here....

So, off my soapbox, back to reality ~ I'm sad, and so are our other doglets. Funny how they realize and mourn. They really can be quite human like.

I have Thanksgiving here in a couple days... and I've been redecorating (as you know)... and now I"m just sitting here with swollen eyes, feeling sad.

I work well under pressure.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your pet. A couple years ago we did that for our beloved Cairn Terrier of 18 years. Same basic issues, mostly old age. He's still missed by the family (and even a few friends have commented about missing him too) and for now we're not getting another. And I agree with the soapbox issues too. Dry your eyes and remember the fun when Phoebe was a pup!! Be thankful for all those years with a beloved pet.

  2. Oh Melissa...you know my heart is aching for you right now...I know what a wonderful life you have your little Phoebe...what a lucky girl to have you as her "person" for all that time.... she was a lucky girl to have you as her Mama for all that time....

    xxoo Lynda...hugging Bayley a little harder tonight...

  3. Awwww! Hugs and more hugs! I know how you feel. So sorry!!!!!!

  4. So sorry.....you gave Phoebe such a wonderful loving life! Sad to lose a special family member!