Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have bad news. My laptop has died.

I may have killed it. I am a serial killer.

I killed my last laptop, a lovely blue Dell by a harsh scalding death. It was an accident, I poured a cup of coffee on it. I mourned it's loss, it was replaced by another Dell, which wasn't a bad computer, but nothing compared to the MacBook that IT was replaced by. And now we must wait to find out if life support can retrieve my info.

I killed this one by neglect. I think. As it sinks in, I am realizing all the STUFF that's on it. That should have been backed up on the handy little thingy my husband bought me for that purpose. But, silly me, this was a Mac, they are a different breed of computer- they are hardy...maybe not so much.

So, I'm in Houston, on my Ipad (which let me say is a kick ass toy) waiting for the hurricane and having a little pity party that may fester into a grand funk.

Seriously, I need a keeper. I'm taking applications.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A CLUE.....

Today we are off to Waukegan. It isn't the nicest looking day. Great.

Here's an idea of what's in store.

Ahoy matey...more later....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


After the big clean up, we headed into the boat. The sun was out, the day was perfect. We battled the Chicago traffic, and finally were there. Our son, oldest daughter, and her boyfriend headed out onto the lake.

It was a sunny, hot, windy day. ULTIMATE sailing conditions... we had a fabulous time. Here are a few highlights from the afternoon.

My husband, son and I stayed in Chicago that night. We were able to go to the restaurant our daughter works in. This is an upscale Italian restaurant, on the Gold Coast in Chicago, in a FABULOUS Victorian mansion. One word...WOW. What a delicious dinner, great ambiance, tremendous service. We had a great time.

The next day, we sailed up to Waukegan, but that's for another post.....

Monday, June 21, 2010


A long, long time ago, when we moved into this house, I wanted a light, so I could see my way to the house at night. Now, of course, it couldn't be just ANY old light. Not a 'new' miniature one, it had to be an old 'grand' one. One that had once been an actual street light, from this town. So... the hunt began....

I was told, erroneously, that they had been dumped in the local creek by the village when they had been removed to make way for the ugly modern ones. And maybe they had, at one time... but I know first had they are not there now.

One Memorial Day weekend, we went with our good friends, after a rousing game of croquet, down the creek. In a rainstorm. walking. with our 1 year old son in tow. Found lots of other junk, but no street lamps.

Now, just so you know I'm not the WORST mother in the U.S. I did leave the girls with my parents. But, this was a mission for our son to encounter? Probably not, but my mother, probably said, I'll keep the girls, but you must take the little monster... yes, I'm sure that was it. So the guys took turns with him on their shoulders and off we went in search of treasure. It was a warm summer rain, and he so loved to hang with the men.

There weren't any there.... we came home soaked to the skin, none the worst for the wear, and street lampless. We hung out in the rain at the friends, enjoying the holiday.

I was not done though....

A few years later, I noticed one in the back yard of the house that once belonged to the town Veterinarian... and this house was for sale... hummm... I strolled up to the door and asked...would you sell me your yard light? He pondered a moment, and said, sure..named his price, I accepted, walked calmly to my car and did the extreme happy dance. He had the original globe, and an extra bracket and the beloved lamp.... all I needed was a backhoe and we were in business!!

It's stood majestically for 75+ years... first somewhere on the street of our little town, and for the last 20 on my front lawn. Friday night, my fear was founded; it was shattered.. in a zillion glass shards on my front lawn.

We had a hellacious thunderstorm and lost 3 large sections of 3 different trees in our yard, but mostly, we lost my street lamp's globe. And, I saw it happen, out the window.

I was beyond sad. But, the internet is a wonderful thing, and I think we have located a replacement... not the same as the original, but she will shine again...

Monday, June 14, 2010


My husband's home all week. Like vacation. Only not totally. He keeps checking his emails, his phone is gonging, and he's already told me he HAS to work tomorrow. But, he's on vacation. Right.

So, we thought, silly us, that being it's SUMMER.... we could use the boat like maybe everyday? Not so much. We actually haven't been to it in over 2 weeks. YIKES! That's a long time. But the weather isn't cooperating in the least little bit. It's rainy- like rainforest rainy. EVERY day rainy. My grass is beyond grass, it's moved to more of an ornamental grass look....really long. Can't find the dog, long.

So, since there's no boat fun, we are working on the house....(on ongoing project). This is the 'Year of the Floor' in the Trumpy Calendar.... so you may recall, we refinished the kitchen and dining room floors, so we're moving on around the corner into the stairway. This floor is painted... a checkerboard effect. I decided to change the color, went from blue to black. I'm liking it.

When it's time to go up the stairs, I have a creative touch I'm going to employ, so stay with me. You're going to love it!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hop on over to MY CURIOUS TEA PARTY for a chance to win a fun giveaway. Although, I'm feeling lucky, so don't get your hopes up too high....


It's not that I've been so blah that I had nothing to write about- just to busy!!

I was gone.

I went to a friend's brother's cabin in Michigan last week with a bunch of good friends. We had a blast. It was 'girls only' and fun was the intent. We had it. As the cabin in on Lake Michigan, we had a beach day....yes...I got sunburned. Duh. Actually we all did... we hit a farmer's market and stocked up on beautiful hanging baskets. Of course, we shopped. Resort towns have the best fun little shops to prowl through. So we shopped and shopped... and ate... and partied... and shopped...and watched a couple movies... and of course, did a man thing...found a sports bar to watch the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS WIN THE STANLEY CUP!!!

So that was my week. I took my camera, and placed it on the island, where we could grab it. I did grab it, yesterday when I was packing. Nary a picture was snapped..but maybe somethings are left best to the imagination.

Friday, June 4, 2010


A very good friend's son is getting married tonight. I have purchased 7 dresses for this event.

Now, before you think, wow, is she changing every hour.... let me explain. They are 'floaters'. Floaters are my husbands term for things I bring home to try on. A practice he can not get a grip on. But you women out there know what I'm talking about- I don't always feel like trying things on in the store, so it's just easier to float them in an out!!

So I tried them all on for my husband.. and went with the one he picked. It was, of course, the most expensive... proving he has great taste.

But then we knew that, he chose me, after all!!!

Happy Weekend.