Monday, June 14, 2010


My husband's home all week. Like vacation. Only not totally. He keeps checking his emails, his phone is gonging, and he's already told me he HAS to work tomorrow. But, he's on vacation. Right.

So, we thought, silly us, that being it's SUMMER.... we could use the boat like maybe everyday? Not so much. We actually haven't been to it in over 2 weeks. YIKES! That's a long time. But the weather isn't cooperating in the least little bit. It's rainy- like rainforest rainy. EVERY day rainy. My grass is beyond grass, it's moved to more of an ornamental grass look....really long. Can't find the dog, long.

So, since there's no boat fun, we are working on the house....(on ongoing project). This is the 'Year of the Floor' in the Trumpy Calendar.... so you may recall, we refinished the kitchen and dining room floors, so we're moving on around the corner into the stairway. This floor is painted... a checkerboard effect. I decided to change the color, went from blue to black. I'm liking it.

When it's time to go up the stairs, I have a creative touch I'm going to employ, so stay with me. You're going to love it!!

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