Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have bad news. My laptop has died.

I may have killed it. I am a serial killer.

I killed my last laptop, a lovely blue Dell by a harsh scalding death. It was an accident, I poured a cup of coffee on it. I mourned it's loss, it was replaced by another Dell, which wasn't a bad computer, but nothing compared to the MacBook that IT was replaced by. And now we must wait to find out if life support can retrieve my info.

I killed this one by neglect. I think. As it sinks in, I am realizing all the STUFF that's on it. That should have been backed up on the handy little thingy my husband bought me for that purpose. But, silly me, this was a Mac, they are a different breed of computer- they are hardy...maybe not so much.

So, I'm in Houston, on my Ipad (which let me say is a kick ass toy) waiting for the hurricane and having a little pity party that may fester into a grand funk.

Seriously, I need a keeper. I'm taking applications.


  1. Maybe a grand drunk whilst listening to some grand funk!

  2. Awwww......I would love to hang in Houston right now....hurricane or not AND I would help you be a GRand Drunk!!!!Miss you!!!!!