Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last night, when I was bemoaning the fact that I had to work 3 days in a row ( which I know is NOT a big deal) to my husband, who IS one of THOSE people, he actually had the audacity to say to me.... are you ready?????

"Hum, it'll keep you from what, reorganizing your underwear drawer?" Implying that anything I was planning on doing wasn't 'important' enough to stay home for. Like all I ever do is pointless crap.... the more I think about it, the more it irks me.

I know he's been on a job for 2 weeks straight, and works hard, but what? Keeping all the eggs in the air, running the house and parenting (as much as one does when one's kids are grown- more or less), and working two days a week with a LOT of needy kids is nothing??? It's not like I lay around eating bonbons and ringing for the maid. Speaking of the maid, maybe that's what I need.... full time help.

Yep, it's a plan... then I'd have time, to REORGANIZE MY DAMN UNDERWEAR DRAWER.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I usually work on Tuesday and Thursday, and that's pretty much enough. This morning when I finally pealed myself out of my warm bed, I pacified myself, with 'tomorrow, I can sleep in'. Not to be. Like a dork, I answered my phone this afternoon RIGHT after I got home from work, and was asked to come in tomorrow. Now, don't start with me, all you people who work full time- I just need to have my days off, AND, I'm in the middle of a very interesting art project and I wanted to spend tomorrow working on it and possibly finishing it. This means that I'll work 3 days in a row, and only have Friday off. My husband's been out of town for 2 weeks, I need to clean before he gets home, and that just may be a full day's worth of work- so when can I actually FINISH my project? And we all know I have 'finishing' problems... big time.

Instead, I shall be with my little 'friends' hanging out at the school. I really do like my job- honestly- I just really don't like it every day. Ya know?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I WON!!!!

I'm so excited... I NEVER win anything and I won something!!! I entered the 'Wandering Witch' EHAG contest and actually won. I'm so excited to get my little witchie!!

This comes after my big disappointment of NOT winning tickets to hear my all time FAVORITE girl- Barbra sing to 100 people in a club in NYC tonight. Now, I really thought maybe the gods would shine on me and let me win, because lord knows there is no bigger fan than me.... Even all those gay guys don't out fan me- I. am. goofy. wild. in. love. with. her. Anyway, the drawing was even on my birthday- but I didn't win. I was pretty verklempt....

so I think I'll name my new witch Babs.....

Check out where she came from - Little Dollings - pretty cool stuff I must say!! AND, she's on her way to me!!!! I wonder if she can sing?

Friday, September 25, 2009


I drug some of my stuff down to scrap with the 'girls' the other night, and of COURSE did more talking than scrapping, but did get a page done. I was pretty excited to find a pack of paper of European travel, so OF COURSE, I bought it, and haven't actually used any yet, but I have it just in case.

At any rate, here's what I did the other night- cool paper, almost feels like its lacquered. It was kind of difficult to use, as nothing wanted to stick- but, I won... it's on there.

I also completed a couple other ones, another day, again, nothing to 'write home' about, but I continue to play at the Great European Adventure.
Forgive my cruddy photos of these pages. I need a tutorial on how to photograph them..... or maybe just more patience than what I have.

That's it for the moment- working on a knitting project and a couple painting things, if I EVER finish any or all of them, I'll show you. Bet you just can't wait - huh?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, last weekend I went to another Estate Sale. Only this time, it was different; this was the belongings of a lady I've known my whole life. She was a good friend of my mom's; actually the whole family was entwined with our family.

I went with my mom, who wanted to go, even though the family had given her some 'keepsakes'- maybe it was closure for her... I don't know. I know it was hard for her, and sad for me too.

This family was from this area 'forever'- and there were some interesting things, as they also were merchants, owning a store at one time. Of course, I bought some things.... like some EXTREMELY interesting antique fans (one never knows when heat could overtake one), and an odd glove thing... not sure what it was for, but it is cool.

A framed page from an 1918 Ladies Home Journal, an antique beaded, boned, dress top/jacket, and a gorgeous sterling silver tray and pitcher. I spent the afternoon polishing the pitcher and tray, which necessitated the polishment (a new word) of my own silver- one of those oh sh*t moments, when cleaning something necessitates even more cleaning. So now it's pretty shiny in the dining room around here.

After the polishing marathon, I went up to my studio to straighten up... Wow, what a pigsty it had become AGAIN. I'm thinking there's a pattern here... but I don't want to delve to deep into what the reason is that every couple weeks I am faced with the daunting task of cleaning my messes up. Why don't I just do it as I go along???? What a silly notion.

Of course, I got interrupted and never really finished, But here's some pictures of where I work. I have different areas for my different things.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, I have a serious thing for dolls.... most antique, but there are a few others in my studio. Just a few. We all have our 'needful' things - don't we?????

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yesterday, my husband and I went for a sail. As you know, if you've been a follower, we have a sailboat on Lake Michigan in Chicago. I. love. to. sail.

Anyway, there are 3 pump houses off the city, out in the lake, one is just your basic brick number, one reminds me of a couple circus tents, and the other, is my favorite. It is, however, covered in these nasty black birds, of questionable character, I am thinking.

All three of these are out a few miles, and are quite far apart. Yesterday, we went to the furthest one north, my favorite. It was a bit rough, strong winds, sunny and a little cool, but a great day, none the less.

I just thought you'd like to see my possible future vacation home...providing I can convince Mayor Daley to sell it to me and then get rid of the damn birds, of which I am terrified of. That, however is a post for another day....What a view? huh?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Easy dinner

a reservation!

Sorry, I'm not much of a cook- but I do enjoy reading recipes... Thanks, blogger, Kelly's Korner for hosting the blog hop of yummy ideas!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


My husband came home last Friday with birthday gifts in tow... a really cool watch and a 'mystery gift' that is being sent? and two TICKETS to JERSEY BOYS! I'd been after him to see it since it came to Chicago, and now I have!! IT WAS AWESOME!! First we went for drinks and dinner, which had to be rather quick as the traffic into Chicago was HORRIBLE. We tried a new restaurant, 'The Gage'; it was really overcrowded but the food was great, and after we pushed our way into it, found it to be a neat place, worthy of going to again.

'Jersey Boys' is every bit as good as everyone has said... my husband, who is most definitely on the top of my A List got the best seats, dead center, on the floor, 7 rows back- PERFECT viewing. Oddly enough, I bought a new dress the day before, on a whim.... now what perfect planning was that, I ask?

On another note, don't forget to sign up for my drawing.....for a $25 dollar gift certificate to Paper Popsicles...see earlier post for info..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Labor Day weekend.....

We left on Friday afternoon to head to northern Wisconsin for my sister in law's cabin. Now, cabin is a stretch, it's really a nice house on a lake, in the woods.

A five and a half hour drive from here, or so it should be. However, the way up, for some reason, we thought it'd be a good idea to head up on the interstate. NOT. It took an extra TWO HOURS....ughhhh

Anyway, my husband, oldest daughter, her beau, their dogs,and my son joined my husband's brother,sister, and their spouses, and my nephew and niece for a fun filled weekend. They have all sorts of fun toys, power boat, tubes, kayaks, four wheelers, and a canoe to name a few. Unfortunately, my middle daughter, two nephews and my other niece couldn't come due to other obligations (like work)....however, we made the best of the situation!

Everyone was tubing... so I thought I'd be a good sport, they promised to go easy.... they lied. My two sister's in law and I went together... he dumped us. I didn't go under (I never go under) but I was nearly drown... being stuck in the middle of the tube- but like a good sport, I went again.

It really was fun. Cold and I truly HATE lake water and all that lives in it possibly touching me, but it was a great time. We grilled, partied by the fire and just enjoyed spending time with family. What could be better?

On Monday, my husband and I went into Chicago, and took our boat out. Well, eventually we did. The weirdest fog was lying low and causing it to be eerily London like. For a period of time, part of the famous skyline was just plain gone. It was sunny, but foggy all at the same time. This global oddness is just weird. Plain and simple. We did eventually go out onto the lake, enjoying the day. We did see Chicago's newest tourist attraction- the hot air balloon ride at Navy Pier.

We ended the weekend catching up to our middle daughter and her beau for dinner at Gino's Pizza.

If you've never been there- it's a Chicago Icon. Chicago style pizza ya know? Good stuff. I was stuffed- we were all stuffed.

I had on new shoes-

what's better than that??? All in all it was a fun weekend.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Last night, in an effort to begin getting ready for my weekend away, I went to the cellar, or as I lovingly refer to it, 'Laundry Hell' to do some laundry. Now it was rather late, as I was attempting to stay awake and coherent as I needed to head to the airport to gather my husband who took the ridiculously early flight on Monday morning, so why wouldn't he take the ridiculously LATE one on the return trip- ah yeah.

Anyway, as I walked past the cellar way door, I noted that it was unlocked. Not just unlocked, but also the board on which the lock was affixed was pulled away, as if someone had attempted and actually succeeded in breaking into my house. I haven't noticed anything missing, and lord knows there is a boatload of electronic crap around...isn't that the 'thing' to steal?

So I am creeped out.... wouldn't you be?????