Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Labor Day weekend.....

We left on Friday afternoon to head to northern Wisconsin for my sister in law's cabin. Now, cabin is a stretch, it's really a nice house on a lake, in the woods.

A five and a half hour drive from here, or so it should be. However, the way up, for some reason, we thought it'd be a good idea to head up on the interstate. NOT. It took an extra TWO HOURS....ughhhh

Anyway, my husband, oldest daughter, her beau, their dogs,and my son joined my husband's brother,sister, and their spouses, and my nephew and niece for a fun filled weekend. They have all sorts of fun toys, power boat, tubes, kayaks, four wheelers, and a canoe to name a few. Unfortunately, my middle daughter, two nephews and my other niece couldn't come due to other obligations (like work)....however, we made the best of the situation!

Everyone was tubing... so I thought I'd be a good sport, they promised to go easy.... they lied. My two sister's in law and I went together... he dumped us. I didn't go under (I never go under) but I was nearly drown... being stuck in the middle of the tube- but like a good sport, I went again.

It really was fun. Cold and I truly HATE lake water and all that lives in it possibly touching me, but it was a great time. We grilled, partied by the fire and just enjoyed spending time with family. What could be better?

On Monday, my husband and I went into Chicago, and took our boat out. Well, eventually we did. The weirdest fog was lying low and causing it to be eerily London like. For a period of time, part of the famous skyline was just plain gone. It was sunny, but foggy all at the same time. This global oddness is just weird. Plain and simple. We did eventually go out onto the lake, enjoying the day. We did see Chicago's newest tourist attraction- the hot air balloon ride at Navy Pier.

We ended the weekend catching up to our middle daughter and her beau for dinner at Gino's Pizza.

If you've never been there- it's a Chicago Icon. Chicago style pizza ya know? Good stuff. I was stuffed- we were all stuffed.

I had on new shoes-

what's better than that??? All in all it was a fun weekend.

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