Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I usually work on Tuesday and Thursday, and that's pretty much enough. This morning when I finally pealed myself out of my warm bed, I pacified myself, with 'tomorrow, I can sleep in'. Not to be. Like a dork, I answered my phone this afternoon RIGHT after I got home from work, and was asked to come in tomorrow. Now, don't start with me, all you people who work full time- I just need to have my days off, AND, I'm in the middle of a very interesting art project and I wanted to spend tomorrow working on it and possibly finishing it. This means that I'll work 3 days in a row, and only have Friday off. My husband's been out of town for 2 weeks, I need to clean before he gets home, and that just may be a full day's worth of work- so when can I actually FINISH my project? And we all know I have 'finishing' problems... big time.

Instead, I shall be with my little 'friends' hanging out at the school. I really do like my job- honestly- I just really don't like it every day. Ya know?


  1. LOL! While I'm one of THOSE people who works full-time, you won't hear anything from me except sympathy. I HATE it when something messes with my schedule, especially if I had something planned and have to drop postpone it. Hope you find time to finish your project. {{{hugs}}} L

  2. Yep...I know what ya mean!!!! I LIVE for that day off and really it's not a day off because it's booked with appointments, projects, shopping and such! Bummer....hope te project gets finished soon because I am dying to see it!!!!