Friday, September 25, 2009


I drug some of my stuff down to scrap with the 'girls' the other night, and of COURSE did more talking than scrapping, but did get a page done. I was pretty excited to find a pack of paper of European travel, so OF COURSE, I bought it, and haven't actually used any yet, but I have it just in case.

At any rate, here's what I did the other night- cool paper, almost feels like its lacquered. It was kind of difficult to use, as nothing wanted to stick- but, I won... it's on there.

I also completed a couple other ones, another day, again, nothing to 'write home' about, but I continue to play at the Great European Adventure.
Forgive my cruddy photos of these pages. I need a tutorial on how to photograph them..... or maybe just more patience than what I have.

That's it for the moment- working on a knitting project and a couple painting things, if I EVER finish any or all of them, I'll show you. Bet you just can't wait - huh?

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  1. You're an EHAG winner!! You've won my lil witchie! Please contact me with your address, so I can send her home. Thanks for playing our Wandering Witch game!!
    Spooky smiles,
    Brenda :)