Tuesday, June 30, 2009


If you are so lucky(?) to live in the scenic midwest, you know it is fall like here. In fact, the weather man even said it was a lovely October day today.... however, it is June- isn't it? That's what my calendar says.

Anyway, I am discontent with this weather, I've been in the pool ONCE and summer is flying by. I need some afternoons of nothing but sun, lemonade and floating in the warmth. We have had too hot, now too cold, can't we have 'just right'?

So, I've been remiss with creativity since the purse. In fact, I've accomplished nothing since. Today, I did carry around some stuff, but I never really addressed any of it. I looked through some things and I have a concept for something, that I'd like to work on, but I just haven't had the gumption to get on with it. I think I'm in a slump. Maybe I'll blame it on the weather. Yes, I think that works. That and the headache that has been plaguing me on and off since I changed allergy medicines....(are you reading this Dr.?)

So, a friend, is leaving in the morning for a great adventure. She is off to China to retrieve her little girl and bring her home. Very exciting business. I'm so happy for her, actually for them all. I have a niece and 2 nephews who were adopted from a foreign country, and their homecomings were an amazing experience that I got to share in. What a great thing for everyone involved. My kids came the regular old way... the stork, I think.

Tomorrow, I shall be creative. Promise.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hand knitted Felted Purse

As promised, and I know you've all been waiting with bated breath.... here is the purse I knit out of wool yarn and felted.

I made one for myself, and my two daughters and frankly, I use mine for 'going out' a lot. So, if I ever get around to opening an Etsy store... you can order one. Or perhaps even just by emailing me!!! hehehe

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Busy weekend. Fabulous Art show on Friday night.... graduation party for a darling girl, Saturday afternoon followed by a trip into the boat. Gorgeous day! However, the waves were rough.... and thus so was the sailing! My 'captain' is an excellent sailor and handled the boat well in spite of the roughness of the water. As always, after we returned we cooled out and had a drink and listened to 'Counting Crow's' who were playing at the venue across from our harbor. Pretty cool.

Today, took a much needed ride in the convertible, and did a little light shopping - light - as this car is not one for shopping. 2 people and a purse pretty much max it out! Speaking of purses, I finished the one for the graduate mentioned above and will add a picture just as soon as I upload it. It turned out very cool, I'm thinking, even if I do say so myself. Kind of cheeky of me- huh?

Friday, June 26, 2009


Wow. That's kind of the reaction to the news lately.....Everyone knows the Michael Jackson died- so sad, he was so young. He was such a musical genius, weird, but none the less some great music came from that boy. I had hoped that IF he did do a world tour, that I'd get to see him- not to be. And beauty Farrah Fawcett- that's sad too. And good old Ed McMahon - it's like 3 American Icons gone this week, poof.

So, last night I went into the city to attend an event for my daughter, it was a cool thing. Tonight, same daughter has another event- a single artist show. She is showing her quirky, but very good art. It should be a fun night. I desperately need to shake the headache that's plaguing me and has been for 2 days.

Hopefully my air conditioner will stay working- we had to have the guy come back again yesterday afternoon, as it went out again. I'm keeping my cool little fingers crossed that it's all good again.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Apparently, my air conditioning has a leak, which the air guy is trying to find by putting dye into the line. However, the BIG news is... that he did charge it last night and eventually, it did cool off and I didn't have to sleep in Victorian Hell after all. Crisis averted - for the moment.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I live in this old house, that we found so charming when we thought we should have it. As it was built at the turn of the century (not the most recent one, the one before) it had radiators....weren't they cute? As well as offering a great place to dry wet mittens, they do provide a nice heat but, this also meant no central air and as the house was old and had been painted many times over the last 100+years, most of the windows don't open. Anyway, we had central air put in- it is after all 2009, everyone has it- don't they? For some reason it isn't working and if you live in the Midwest you know that it is WAY TOO DAMN HOT and I HATE TO SWEAT. Are you feeling my mood here?????

So finally, a little while ago, the guy came to look at it, and left and I didn't get to talk to him and I have this for boding sense of dread overtaking me that he isn't coming back tonight which means that I am going to have to deal with this all night. So at this particular moment I am very, very, very irritated and hating this stupid charming old house. In a big way.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Father's Day..... 2 of my 3 kids were able to join their dad for his very favorite past-time of the moment. Sailing. We headed into the boat this morning.... picnic in hand ready for fun. The weather was typical....yesterday was gorgeous, so today so s0. The sun was teasing- in and out and it did actually spit a bit of rain on us a couple times, but non the less, we had a great time. Unfortunately our other daughter, has just started a new job, and had to work, so she couldn't join us. Hopefully next time.

I so very much enjoy sailing and it is even more fun when we have the kids with us. They gave their dad a grill for the boat, so next time perhaps we shall feast upon weinsteins.....

This week I must complete a purse as a graduation gift for a very special girl.... I did take it along today and did work on it on the way to and from the boat. I will finish it.... after all, I do have 5 whole days.... good grief, I am so organized.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garage Sales.....

So yesterday my middle daughter whom I will refer to as S. came to go to an estate sale in town. As she is getting an apartment, it seemed to be a good idea to hunt around for cool stuff. We went to one that was a '3rd' generation home... there was more stuff than one could imagine. UNBELIEVABLE. Okay, I'll fess up, I did actually go there a couple times. Frankly, I think you'd have to to see it all.... interesting cool antiques.... some interesting 50's pieces..... a ton of Longaberger baskets.....collectibles.... and just plain old crap. We managed to find some treasurers... now... there will be reupholstering to do. S has funky taste, I'm very curious to see how her place will turn out.

We have sunshine today and HOT. REALLY HOT. It's good... seems as though we go from cold spring to hot summer with no transition. Yesterday I had to meet a plane... went to the airport...waiting.... get a call from my husband (who I was picking up) only to find out he had been diverted to another state. Great. My phone was going to die (of course) so I had to drive to find a place to buy a car charger....and then the big storm hit. I honestly was afraid my car would be blown over. Got the charger, and eventually got the husband. Crisis averted.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm just feeling extreme crabbiness. I want to do some artwork, and currently have NO electricity in my studio. In the rest of the house, and lord knows I drag projects all over, but I want to work in there. I am SICK, SICK of gray rainy skies... as is everyone who lives in this area, I am sure. I need to clean house, and throw out an enormous amount of overflow from our lives. We seem to have an awful lot of 'stuff' that no one cares about, or needs anymore. What, pray tell, am I keeping this crap for? I could use a dumpster.... the large size. I also have an overwhelming feeling my husband is going to have a hard time flying in today due to the a fore mentioned crappy weather- and we have a cram packed weekend of stuff to do....

On a creative note. I am contemplating a new project... stay tuned for this creative twist. Okay, I know, I know, I need to finish up some of the current ones. I work well under pressure, very well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Finally we have a sunny afternoon! I need to go out and absorb some of it. I spent the morning doing the back drop for Vacation Bible School. This year, the theme is Louisiana swamp.... odd for kids...but I don't pick 'em out.

I'm wondering why I spend so much money on cell phones only to NEVER be able to get my daughter to answer me???? Funny I notice when I'm with her that she is constantly answering it.... I. will. not. take. it. personally. Really, I won't.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Woof Wife

Today or rather VERY early this morning (5am) I had to go assist in puppy birthing. 7 Havanese ...6 boys and one girl. They all seem to be fine - tiny little creatures, I on the other hand am exhausted. Far too exhausted to do anything other than watch a rerun of Law and Order....and eat a few Sweettarts. Yes, it is an addiction.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm sitting here on my front porch swing charging forward into the blog world. There is much I should be doing, but none of it strikes me as something of interest at the moment.

I do have a load of new digital designs to deliver to Melissa at Paper Popsicle's so if you are into that...check out her site. Beyond that... there is knitting to be finished, illustrations to be finished and too many other 'too be finished'....is there a pattern here? Yes, I'm afraid so....