Friday, June 26, 2009


Wow. That's kind of the reaction to the news lately.....Everyone knows the Michael Jackson died- so sad, he was so young. He was such a musical genius, weird, but none the less some great music came from that boy. I had hoped that IF he did do a world tour, that I'd get to see him- not to be. And beauty Farrah Fawcett- that's sad too. And good old Ed McMahon - it's like 3 American Icons gone this week, poof.

So, last night I went into the city to attend an event for my daughter, it was a cool thing. Tonight, same daughter has another event- a single artist show. She is showing her quirky, but very good art. It should be a fun night. I desperately need to shake the headache that's plaguing me and has been for 2 days.

Hopefully my air conditioner will stay working- we had to have the guy come back again yesterday afternoon, as it went out again. I'm keeping my cool little fingers crossed that it's all good again.

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  1. It is so sad to hear of 3 icons passing on. Would love to see pics of Scarlet's show!!!!!