Sunday, June 28, 2009


Busy weekend. Fabulous Art show on Friday night.... graduation party for a darling girl, Saturday afternoon followed by a trip into the boat. Gorgeous day! However, the waves were rough.... and thus so was the sailing! My 'captain' is an excellent sailor and handled the boat well in spite of the roughness of the water. As always, after we returned we cooled out and had a drink and listened to 'Counting Crow's' who were playing at the venue across from our harbor. Pretty cool.

Today, took a much needed ride in the convertible, and did a little light shopping - light - as this car is not one for shopping. 2 people and a purse pretty much max it out! Speaking of purses, I finished the one for the graduate mentioned above and will add a picture just as soon as I upload it. It turned out very cool, I'm thinking, even if I do say so myself. Kind of cheeky of me- huh?

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