Sunday, June 21, 2009


Father's Day..... 2 of my 3 kids were able to join their dad for his very favorite past-time of the moment. Sailing. We headed into the boat this morning.... picnic in hand ready for fun. The weather was typical....yesterday was gorgeous, so today so s0. The sun was teasing- in and out and it did actually spit a bit of rain on us a couple times, but non the less, we had a great time. Unfortunately our other daughter, has just started a new job, and had to work, so she couldn't join us. Hopefully next time.

I so very much enjoy sailing and it is even more fun when we have the kids with us. They gave their dad a grill for the boat, so next time perhaps we shall feast upon weinsteins.....

This week I must complete a purse as a graduation gift for a very special girl.... I did take it along today and did work on it on the way to and from the boat. I will finish it.... after all, I do have 5 whole days.... good grief, I am so organized.

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