Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm just feeling extreme crabbiness. I want to do some artwork, and currently have NO electricity in my studio. In the rest of the house, and lord knows I drag projects all over, but I want to work in there. I am SICK, SICK of gray rainy skies... as is everyone who lives in this area, I am sure. I need to clean house, and throw out an enormous amount of overflow from our lives. We seem to have an awful lot of 'stuff' that no one cares about, or needs anymore. What, pray tell, am I keeping this crap for? I could use a dumpster.... the large size. I also have an overwhelming feeling my husband is going to have a hard time flying in today due to the a fore mentioned crappy weather- and we have a cram packed weekend of stuff to do....

On a creative note. I am contemplating a new project... stay tuned for this creative twist. Okay, I know, I know, I need to finish up some of the current ones. I work well under pressure, very well.

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