Sunday, August 25, 2013


Wow, summer has flown by... and I once again am a blogging failure.

We've had an extremely busy summer, this was the first weekend in a LONG time we had NOTHING to do.  Well, sorta, we have my littlest nephew Will's birthday party today, but, that's it! We've been on the wedding circuit this year- 4 so far, with one more to go.  Then we roll into next year, where we have at least 3 that come to mind, including Corbin and Ally's..


We went for a sail yesterday.  And had a little crew member with us.  We took Bijou for her 'maiden voyage'.  I'd searched high and low for a tiny life jacket for her to don whilst on the tender.  Finally got one, in pink, of course.  Mark says it's virtually impossible to tip our boat over ( he BEST be right on this one), so once she was safe on our boat I took it off.  Not so sure she loved having it on, and somehow I missed getting a picture of it- think pig in a blanket...

Anyway, she had her harness with her leash attached to one of the cleats, so she was safe.  Honestly. I wouldn't risk my baby, worry not.

Here's some highlights of the trip.

Hanging out below deck.   

After we were ready to sail, I brought her in her bag up top.  She likes her bag, and is quick to jump in, so she spent most of the day in or on it.

  I didn't want her to get sun burned, so she was sequestered, and had to use the peep hole! 

Some great smells out on this lake.

She really needs some sunglasses if she's going to be a regular.  

So, as crazy as I am about this little doglet, imagine how bad it's going to be IF and when I become a grandma.... of a human baby, not a fur baby.