Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have a lot to blog about... my recent trip, my daughter's first bridal shower.

But I can't.

I'm just to sad.

We had to have our sweet little Millie (or Minnie as she was more often called) put to sleep.

She got sick Wednesday morning, and I took her into the vet.  After a ton of tests and a night in the doggie ICU, and another in the regular hospital, it was determined that she had severe pulmonary hypertension.  Like high blood pressure?  Not exactly.  Not a good thing for a dog.  Possibly caused by her collapsing trachea problem or perhaps from throwing a clot into her lungs.. they weren't sure.  Either way, same treatment with the same ending......

The prognosis wasn't good, but all 3 of the vet's on the case felt that it was manageable, with good quality of life for a while.  So home she came on Friday.

Friday night she took a turn for the worst and there was only one choice.  The choice I hate more than anything.  But, I couldn't let her suffer.

I went.  I've never gone before for the euthanasia.  I wouldn't hesitate again.  It was peaceful and I was there for her. It was the greatest gift I could give her. Peace.

And now, I am a mess.  I miss her silly personality, her excitement when I came in, bringing me her toys, and her hoarse little bark. Clementine is sad, bewildered and verklempt. She misses her too. 

I am an ugly cryer.  Some women are beautiful when they cry... me...Really ugly. I am sad, and I look like I went a few rounds with Mike Tyson. 

Actually, I feel like I did too.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


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Friday, October 5, 2012


It's Already October AND, I'm a blog slacker again. But, I have reasons....

I just haven't been in the mood.

I was gone.

I was sick.

I'm lazy.

There, I've run through all the excuses, choose the one you like, they all work!

I was gone, off to Houston last week.  I was SO looking forward to it.  It didn't go as planned.

We arrived, stocked up on 'supplies' ( snack foods, drinks,you know,  important things), and headed to the apartment.  I was really tired and felt kind of sniffly.  Not a good sign.

The next morning I was sick. Like lay on the couch in my pajamas and feel miserable sick.  All day. Every day.   All week.  I sent Mark out for kleenex, and some cold medicine.  He returned with all things one needs to battle a cold, in addition to a lovely bouquet of flowers to cheer me up.  We didn't have a vase, so we improvised with a drinking glass.  Only tipped over once...sending water everywhere, but nothing important was ruined. They were lovely, and did perk me up.

So, other than dinner, one night outside (it's still nice in Houston)...

and a drink at Sambuca's (MY FAVE) to hear the band, I layed on the couch and watched TV or slept.  Yee Haw...  nice vacation.

my view for the week

But, we returned on Friday and hit the boat on Saturday and Monday last weekend.

It's kinda the last hurrah... on a season that was really short.  We had SO much going on this summer we feel like we hardly used the boat.  Both the month of May and August were non sailing months ~ just too busy.  Anyway, I guess we are pulling it out early this year, like maybe next week.  We have another busy month, this month, so it's over. It has to be out by Nov. 1.

I'm verklempt.  

The 6 months of winter seem way longer than the 6 months of boat season.  

We are moving ahead with wedding #2.  I need to make some decorating decisions, I've been scouring magazines and different sites online for inspiration.  My little book is overflowing with ideas.  Secured the music, the kids picked the tuxes.  And we are beginning the showers!  First one is this month!!

I had an interesting experience today, a facial.  Never had one before.  My kids gave it to me as a birthday gift.  It was awesome.  I'm hooked!!!  Although, when I left,  I wanted to run some errands, not to hair looked a fright!! I tried to comb it... haha...  I tried behind my ears, haha... tried the sunglasses on my head look... it was scary.  Note to self... after facial, you must go home, directly.  Anyway, I am now ready for a big major event coming up in my life....

I'm going to see my best girl.  In HER hometown.