Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have a lot to blog about... my recent trip, my daughter's first bridal shower.

But I can't.

I'm just to sad.

We had to have our sweet little Millie (or Minnie as she was more often called) put to sleep.

She got sick Wednesday morning, and I took her into the vet.  After a ton of tests and a night in the doggie ICU, and another in the regular hospital, it was determined that she had severe pulmonary hypertension.  Like high blood pressure?  Not exactly.  Not a good thing for a dog.  Possibly caused by her collapsing trachea problem or perhaps from throwing a clot into her lungs.. they weren't sure.  Either way, same treatment with the same ending......

The prognosis wasn't good, but all 3 of the vet's on the case felt that it was manageable, with good quality of life for a while.  So home she came on Friday.

Friday night she took a turn for the worst and there was only one choice.  The choice I hate more than anything.  But, I couldn't let her suffer.

I went.  I've never gone before for the euthanasia.  I wouldn't hesitate again.  It was peaceful and I was there for her. It was the greatest gift I could give her. Peace.

And now, I am a mess.  I miss her silly personality, her excitement when I came in, bringing me her toys, and her hoarse little bark. Clementine is sad, bewildered and verklempt. She misses her too. 

I am an ugly cryer.  Some women are beautiful when they cry... me...Really ugly. I am sad, and I look like I went a few rounds with Mike Tyson. 

Actually, I feel like I did too.


  1. heart is aching for you...I am so very sorry for your loss... xxoo

  2. I'm sooo sorry for your loss Ardith! They are so much of an important part of our daily lives and of our family. They don't judge us, accept us unconditionally and are the only ones that are excited to see us each and everytime we walk in the house! We've got a 12 year old black lab named Skippy who's health is deteriorating quickly...I'm afraid for the next trip to the vet. I'm crying like a baby and I too am an ugly cryer so don't feel bad!
    And ps...I'd love to hear about the happy things like the bridal shower too!

  3. Oh Ardith, I'm so sorry for your loss! They are such an important part of our daily lives and families! They're the only ones that love us unconditionally, accept us for who we are and are excited to see us each time we walk through the door! We have a 12 year old black lab named Skippy who's health is getting worse by the day. I'm afraid for the next vet trip. And don't worry, I'm crying like a baby right now and I'm an ugly cryer too!
    Thinking of you!
    PS...I'd love to hear about your happy times like a trip and bridal shower too! : )

  4. Oh sweetie! I am soooo sorry! I feel your pain and it sucks! You know how I am about my kitties! You do all you can for them and they know it and then you have to let go.....I am soooo sorry! Let me know if ya need anything!