Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm sorry for the lack of posts... I've been otherwise occupied. Really.

As you may recall, we refinished our floors. They look FAB! I am delighted.

But funny, how one thing leads to another. So I DID buy new family room furniture. My old stuff really had nothing major wrong with it. I have just had it since 1994... and frankly we were sick of it. So I stumbled on to what was to become our new furniture!! I haven't taken any photos as the room isn't done yet, so sit tight.

Well, we decided to paint. And that went fine without a hitch in the family room, the living room however. Not so much.

We had a border to strip. Now I like wallpaper, but slap me if I ever put any up again. We had to strip it and that my friends is not fun at all. Okay, I admit it, we were lazy and had painted over some of the old (I mean REALLY OLD) paper; not only on the walls but the ceiling too. So we put down tarps and spent a really long weekend tackling this.
We know how to live don't we?

I'd like to show you a picture of what is/was my dining room... most of the furniture was stored in there. It's like a 'hoarder' room huh? And check out the lovely dust that was on everything from the sanding.... ugh.... .

Now my dining room wasn't big enough to hold everything, so a couple large cabinets are in the hall, and the sofa is conveniently located in the kitchen. Where my son pointed out, he could lay on it and reach into the freezer for ice cream. We were sporting an 'efficiency' look.

Hum, I have Thanksgiving dinner here in one week and 2 days.

I work well under stress.....

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