Friday, October 8, 2010


I think I have it. I am soooo unfocused. Yesterday I spend too long standing at the kitchen sink, leaning on the cutting board eating an apple staring out the window. There is nothing to see out the kitchen window. Well, nothing except the leaves who haven't really started firing up and falling yet. That and the damn box-elder bugs that swarm around in the sun, before they die, thanks to Chem-Wise. But, that's kind of an odd way to spend 45 minutes. Then there was the appointment that I totally was late for because I couldn't seem to remember what time I needed to be there, well, really what time to leave, honestly..even to go. UGH. I haven't accomplished much at all this week. I washed the glass in my kitchen cabinet doors (wow, how long had it been???) and was pretty much tuckered out.... so then I sat down to knit, but the dog looked so comfy I had to scrounge around for my camera. Then I was out of the mood...

How cute is that? Now the two little hounds are vying for the basket...I aim to please.

I'm aggravated that I feel like this. He is going to be okay. I just can't stop thinking about the 'what if's'; and the girl I know who stood there 1 week before me with a far different outcome. Why her daughter and not my son? God must have something planned for this boy, and he best be working on showing him what it is soon... before he dances with the devil again.

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