Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, my boy had ANOTHER wedding to stand up in this weekend. Here's a SUNNY forced picture of he and his buddy Steve looking handsome. It takes it's toll on him; and he's currently out of weddings to stand up in so that is a good thing. He is making progress, it's just slow going. Slower than everyone would like, I'm afraid ~ but he WILL be all right eventually.

On to the weekend. I owe the Weather Gods, a thank you note.... so here it is....

Dear Weather Gods,

Thank you for coming through for me this last weekend. It pretty much couldn't have been better. SERIOUSLY, 85 in October....outstanding!


Mark and I SAILED. Not just once, but both days.

We felt a little guilty not asking anyone, but we needed some time to rehash what's happened and enjoy the boat. So that's what we did. I wanted the kids to join us, and I really had hoped for another family sail, and a family picture on the boat, but it just didn't work. Corbin didn't feel up to it, and was afraid it'd make his dizziness even worse. The girls had other plans, so here's a crummy at arms length picture of Mark and I...

relaxed and having fun...for the moment anyway. Until I broke my gimpy little toe that is.....

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  1. I happen to LOVE that picture of you & Mark! So glad the 2 of you got some quiet time together......and that "Funk" will go away. You have been thru alot and I would think your nerves & brain are fried for the time being!