Saturday, November 14, 2009


One of my son's life long best friends was killed last night.

First, this family is in need of prayer. The mom, who just turned 50 is dying. She has cancer, and it is eminent. Sean, the son, (my son's friend) has been a mother's dream. He's been taking care of her, spending time with her- hadn't been out of the house for well over a week, as he'd taken time off from work to care for her. But, last night, was different. He'd called my son, and they headed out to celebrate his brother's girlfriend's birthday. And, celebrate they did. These boys are good time boys- I'm not touting this behavior, just being honest.

They spent the evening at a local bar, known for it's burgers. Moved from there onto the brother's house for a continuation of the fun. My son, is good about letting me know if he's coming home or not. In spite of the fact that he is 21, he is great about keeping me in the know. (I think it was beaten into him, by me tracking him down in great worry) Anyway, he sent me a text, I didn't totally get the whole message, so just called him. He said he was staying with Sean, and would be home early in the morning. I felt unsettled and anxious, in spite of the fact that I knew he was okay- they were safe.....

I went to bed. Read for a while, and had just turned off the light, when my phone rang. It was my son. Was I still up? Would I mind coming to get him? If not that was okay.. but he'd kind of like to sleep in his own bed, he had to work, yada yada... I said yes, I would come get him.

We live in a little town, and the neighboring town, 5 miles away is where he was. I got dressed (sort of) and headed out. Got my son, came home, went back to bed and finally slept.

At about 7:30 a.m. my son came into my room and said. 'Sean is dead'... evidently, he decided to go somewhere after my son left- to see a girlfriend, for a ride, we will never know. it was a single car accident. No seat belt, he was thrown from the vehicle and dead at the scene. He was 21 years old. His whole life was ahead of him. He had planned to see to it that after his mom died, he'd stay in their family home while his younger brother finished high school. There was so much for him to experience. All lost now.

My son is 21 years old, and on Monday, will be a pall bearer for one of his best friends. This just isn't right.

Rest in Peace Sean- you are already missed.


  1. I'll say a prayer for all of you, not just your son and his friend's family. This affects the whole community when someone so young and full of promise passes away, especially so tragically quick. So very sorry.

  2. oh Ardith. So sorry to hear this.

  3. Ardith, please know that Sean's family and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. This is so sad.

  4. SO sad.....OMG, how devastating for Corbin.

  5. So sorry to come to your blog and read this. It unfortunately happens far too often and breaks my heart everytime I hear of something like this. My sympathy to you and your son and prayers for his poor mother and brother.

  6. How r u doing Ardith? Have been thinking of you and Corbin a lot! Hugs! I'm gonna scrap tonight, Friday if you want to come down and ya!