Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hosted again this year. I don't mind at all, it's a good reason to use my china and silver etc. I think when you cook you are somewhat at a disadvantage as to how things actually taste, but I felt like it was all good. At least it's over, and non the worse for the wear; with the exception of one of my crystal goblets that is no more. Wish I could recall what the pattern was called.....

It's always so fun to have everyone home. My middle daughter came in yesterday morning to hit the dentist and spent the night here. My 3 kids went out last night, and probably had too much fun.... based on the fact that my oldest daughter couldn't really eat much- it's hard to when you extremely hung over, you know.

my nephew J.D.

my sister and her youngest son

a truely terrible picture of my mom and my son....

my nephew with his new favorite thing.... spray whip cream!

So the dishes are done and put away, the leftovers packed away, and I'm dead tired. Just plain done in. I've got a prosecco headache, and really need to change into something a little more casual for the evening. I also need to peruse the Black Friday Ads... like I'd actually get up that early and shop... or would I?

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