Friday, November 6, 2009


I'M SO MAD.....

Really, really mad.

I have some neighbors to the NORTH of me. They are ignorant (sorry if I'm offending) white trash. We have 'gotten along' all these years, by being friendly, but distant. When we moved here, one of the 1st things I did was install a 6' privacy fence along the north side of my yard, ending at about the middle of my house; basically fencing in my back yard. Then I planted two blue spruce trees in the front, to, okay I am admitting it... block my view of hillbilly heaven. They are both probably at least 20' tall now.

They are purveyors of crap. Like always 'workin' on an engine in the yard, or gutting a boat, or adding on a lean-to on the back of their garage.... you get the visual.

Anyway..... the a fore mentioned blue spruces... one hung over, as they are wont to do, the property line. She took it upon herself to trim it. Now, LEGALLY she could trim JUST WHAT HUNG OVER ONTO HER PROPERTY. But.... the B*T*H came onto my property and cut the branches at the trunk. Up about six feet. It was tree mutilation.

My husband, who hasn't seen it in the flesh yet, called her... she said.... "I thought it'd look better to go back to the trunk than just trimmin it just to the property line"........right.

It. looks. dreadful.

I. am. sick.

and really really pissed.

So, I think it's time to extend the fence. Maybe to add electricity, or razor wire. (I want to make a point) I don't want to look at their white trash selves anymore. I want them to go away... back to whatever hovel they crawled out of.

doesn't it look awful?


  1. Sick! I feel your pain. Have you seen what the electric co. did to the top of my pine? They just hacked the top 6 feet off. I feel ill.......