Sunday, November 1, 2009




Growing up, we always vacationed on Lido Key, Florida. It was my dad's very most favorite place to be. A legacy that he has left us all.

Before my parents bought a condo, we stayed at the Sheraton Sandcastle. Many years we were there, my parents, younger sister and best friend, Cathy. I remember so many things about that time. Memories that came FLOODING back when I walked into that hotel.

My husband and I have extremely fond memories of Lido and the condo. We honeymooned there; took our children on family vacations there, went there with friends, and hung out there, just the two of us. He thought we should spend our last night of vacation there, and chose to stay in the hotel of my youth. I'll admit, I was a bit nervous, because, sometimes you shouldn't go back- sometimes it isn't like you remembered... or it is and it's too much to take... but this time, it was good.

Really good.

The hotel is basically the same- the tiki bar, where I remember seeing Harry Carey (what a loud obnoxious sort); the pool, that seems to be every bit as big and blue as I recall, the beach- gorgeous as ever. The rooms have been redone-actually the whole hotel has had a facelift... our room was lovely, complete with the balcony looking out onto the beach.

We walked, as always down to the 'point' past the condo, with so many happy memories, and sadly no longer ours. Came back to our hotel, swam in the gulf and plopped on our chaises enjoying the sun.

For a while, all was totally right in my world. How could anything cause any concern when you are by the sea and home?

So with that, I must say -thanks dad, for one of many wonderful things you introduced to us all!!


  1. Awwwwwww.....that was so beautifully said! You got me all choked up! So glad that your stay there brought back happy come home, we miss you!!!!!

  2. Looks like I remember it. I think if I look really hard at the second picture of the condo I can see dad walking out toward the water.

    Kleenex were a good suggestion.