Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have nothing important to discuss... just a lot of nondescript blah.

Mark was home all last week. We were just like a regular married couple!  Well, not really, he didn't leave in the morning and come home at night, he was here.... hanging out, working some and 'accomplishing' much.

He originally took off the week as he wanted to move the boat from Waukegan to Chicago. Which we did... but not on the day we wanted to.  The weather didn't get the memo that we had a finite amount of time to accomplish this... and time was a wasting.  But it happened on Friday.   And honestly, Friday was NOT a nice day for sailing. AT ALL.

But first.. the rest of the week.  Let's see... we managed to either order or eat out every night he was home.  So much for food with gravy and peas... something I thought I'd cook whilst he was here.  We did have coffee every morning.. does that count?

We did too much yard work, worked on readying the boat,  power washed the deck, refinished a piece of furniture, replaced our dead wine frig and just hung out.  Every day, we watched the weather trying to decide WHAT day would be good to sail down the boat.  There just wasn't one, so we chose Friday... not the best choice.

We headed to Waukegan Thursday night after depositing the car in Chicago.  We've found that by staying the night before in a hotel and getting an early start ENDING in Chicago where our car is makes the day less exhausting.  Sorta.  This, as opposed to ending in Chicago, and taking the train BACK to Waukegan to retrieve the car and driving ALL the way home.

ANYWAY, it wasn't a fun day at all.  Now, I love sailing... but this time, frankly, it sucked.  It was foggy, cold and really rough.  Like 5 foot waves, white caps and all.  I didn't have fun.  I hid out below deck, under a blanket, looking like a fat girl with layer upon layer of clothes, wishing I was anywhere but where I was.  On a Pollyana note, we did make great time.  I was EXTREMELY delighted to see our harbor, and even more excited to see my bed last night.

(not my picture... or us, thank you, this is courtesy of Rudders and Moorings Yacht Sales LLC

Today, we worked again out side, planting a couple bushes in my urns to attempt to sculpt them into a circle, or square, or something.

I'm thinking ahead to August, and Jessica's wedding... I need my outside foliage to look good.  Usually by August, I'm sick of watering my flowers and things begin to head south... can't be this year, thus, the topiary urn idea.

I'm in need of some inside work... there's an engagement party for Scarlett and Dan looming on the horizon.  Chop chop chickie....

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