Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It really was!

First of all, let me say, I had all three of my kids here for lunch. How cool is that? I tell you, gifts are wonderful, but the gift of having all three of them here at one time... priceless.  Such a great group of kids we have.

They all came bearing gifts and grand dogs (and that's NOT the reason I said they were great, but, okay it does help)

I'm just kidding....

 Jessica made me the most beautiful table runner to match my new kitchen.  She is really a talented seamstress.  Scarlett bought me a felted birdhouse that is so adorable, it can not house a dirty bird. It is residing in my kitchen window. And Corbin brought me flowers, in a vase, selected by him.... from his personal collection and did a little light landscaping for me.

And Mark.....  Now ladies, I've long and often told you this man kicks ass at gift giving (most of the time).  He gave me a very cute t-shirt and summer sweater. A nautical look...perfect for an afternoon on the lake. But that, was just the warm up....

In addition to that... he gave me.................... something to die for.... well, if you are me you'd think so.

Two tickets to see my best girl, Barbra in concert in New York City in October.  I am over the moon excited.  It's true... I love her.  Like stalker weird love her. I admit it.  So, how can you beat that?  Babs, the kids, grand dogs and their papa...all rolled into one great sunny day.  Live is good, no, it's great!

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  1. Sounds perfect!!!!! Kids, hubbie AND Barbra!!!!