Monday, May 28, 2012


It's Memorial Day. I think too often we forget what these holidays really mean.  We are all so busy in our lives, arranging social engagements, and worrying about the weather.

So let's all take a minute and give thanks to those who unselfishly serve, so we can all live like we do.

Well, it's been a weekend.  My husband, (the oldest pool boy on record) opened my mother's pool on Saturday.  Somehow the poor man has inherited this lovely job.  I do believe on that day, my dad channels through him with some of my dad's favorite phrases.... just saying.  Other than the broken screw,  low water, and typical slime, all appears to be okay.  Time will tell, of course.  Have to give a shout out to Jessica and Blain...

Blain, if you are reading, know that you could inherit this position... but remember, with the good, comes the bad!! It's all that for better, for worse stuff.....

Anyway, with that said, yesterday we headed into Chicago to visit our boat, whom, I'm sure thought we had abandoned it.  We hadn't laid eyes on it since we sailed her down.  Alas, there she was, waiting, not alone however, the spiders had taken care of her.  Lovely.

We enjoyed a sail, after refueling, and hosing off some of the afore mentioned webs.  It was extremely hot here, like 97 hot, but delightful on the lake.

On another unrelated note, my beautiful niece graduated from 8th grade last week.

Seems like just yesterday, we waited with extreme excitement for the very last person to come off the plane from Korea.  Carrying a darling chubby baby, whom we all immediately fell in love with.

Keep 'yer distance boys, my brother-in-law is shinning up his shotgun a sittin' in his rocking chair on the front porch...

(they moved to the country, you know)


  1. your words always give me a chuckle!!!!

  2. that's right, touch her and die