Saturday, July 10, 2010


So, I think I mentioned I went to Houston... had a nice time, in spite of the fact that I killed my computer and it rained the whole damn time. Always nice to be like a regular married couple that the husband heads to work and comes home to the wifey dearest.

We came in on Friday afternoon, and stopped on the way home to 'look' at a new car. We bought it. We had a Mitsubishi Montero, for 11 years...that isn't a typo, I said 11. Actually there really isn't much wrong with it, other than it's old and we are sick of it...kinda....and it has 189,000 miles on it. Truthfully, we've driven it so long, it's like a family member and I feel sorta bad getting rid of it. SORTA... I got a Land Rover/Range Rover. It's got a lot of pretty cool amenities to it. Like a cooler in the center counsel. Seriously, is it legal to drink and drive in England?

It has some other cool things, like windshield wipers that sense the rain (it kinda freaks you out when they just start) and a sensor that tells you if you are too close when you back up. It's a very nice car. I spent an enormous amount of time in it last week. I had to drive 45 minutes to drop off my dead computer on Tuesday, and back 45 minutes to claim it on Wednesday. Thursday I had errands to run and a trip to the airport, so I spent the week familiarizing myself with it...kinda.

Whilst I was gone to Houston, we got the replacement globe to my street lamp. It looks the same, more or less. I don't care for the illumination, but it is what it is.

4th of July weekend was a serious effort in entertaining. We had the kids, beaus and my mom on the boat on Saturday. I spent a small fortune in steak to create shish-ke-bobs to grill for dinner, only to find a crucial part to our grill missing...errrrr..... Sunday, my husband's brother and sister-in-law joined us for a day of sailing, that included our city daughter, her beau and some friends for dinner (the a fore mentioned shish-ke-bobs) and Chicago's fireworks.

Monday, we went to my mom's for a pool/birthday party. My son turned 22..... wow, I feel old.

Last night we saw James Taylor and Carole King in concert. They were FAB. Plain and simple. We've seen James Taylor a couple times before, he was especially good last night. And Carole King- wow.... 'It's too Late' has always been a favorite song of mine- seriously, who didn't have the Tapestry Album????

Back to the boat today. our son and a darling girl joined us, our daughter and her beau and some friends of theirs.. it was perhaps a perfect day. Perfect until the squall hit that is.

Have I mentioned I hate birds...this was a little to 'Bodega Bay'for me today...maybe hate is too strong of a word, I don't really hate them, I'm just terrified of them.

I'm still mourning all that may or may not be missing from my computer. Go right now and back up your stuff. I. SAID. NOW.

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