Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Well, for starters... my middle daughter is engaged!!! She's not really my middle daughter, as that would imply that I had 3 daughters, which if you've ever met my son he's far too hairy to be mistaken for a girl. So, better, I say, my middle child, who also happens to be a girl is engaged.

And we are thrilled for them. They are just about the cutest little couple. We love the fiancee, he's a great guy, loves her and quite handsome too. LOL ( I never said I wasn't shallow).

So, cha-ching daddy war bucks... here we go...money will be spent. The other night, Mark said, so we should discuss a 'budget' for this wedding. To which I said....


'Budget' ~ugh, it really should be a 4 letter word.  First of all, I find it difficult to extrapolate the amount we might need, second of all, I am terrible at following one. How can you say... too bad Scarlett, you've got to be barefoot, we are 'over budget'.. I mean really....like one more pair of shoes is going to kill us?? I mean, really, you can't take it with you..can you??

Don't judge, at least I am honest.

Also, we bought a condominium in Chicago.  They call it the 'penthouse' ... I call it a LONG way up there to the 3rd floor in a building with 11 foot ceilings. 

Through out this whole process (it was a short sale~ dumb name for something not quick)I had the same thing running through my mind, haunting me....

'The King Tut' song... remember???  a condo made of stone-o... funky tut...

Well, maybe not.

Anyway, Scarlett and Dan are moving into it! They are excited. Why wouldn't they be? They are tripling their space, AND they have a garage space!! Now, before you think 'wow, the condo must be huge' know this... they lived in a shoe box before. Seriously, it was tiny. Like lucky neither one was fat tiny.

And, me.... I'm having Thanksgiving, it's a day and a half away, and I'm sitting here blogging...I guess I best get back to plucking that damn bird.

(not really, I've just always wanted to say that...)

Now, I've got the Adam Sandler 'Turkey Song' on my mind... ugh... my life is always to music. Odd music.. very odd music.

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