Monday, January 30, 2012


January is usually LONG....really long.  But not so much this year. First of all, it's been warmer than usual, that helps, I guess.  That and I was gone for 10 days to Florida.

That really helped...

We flew into Ft. Myers, and headed down to Naples, joining some friends at a seaside destination.  We had a wonderful time (as we always do).  Hit the beach, watched the sun burn into the Gulf, nightly.  Mark referred to this portion of our trip as Florida Debauchery... ah, yeah, maybe just a little.

After a few days and nights of that, our friends had to head out, so we went to see another friend. She LIVES at the beach, what's not to love about that?  LOT of laughs... fun, and gorgeous sunsets.

Now, she sent me to a vintage consignment shop... where I OF COURSE found something I really, probably need.  A wonderful, antique cabinet... just FABULOUS.  Right?

Actually, I'm quite certain I need this, I just need to figure out how to get it from Naples to Chicago, and not have it cost a ridiculous amount of money... ugh, details.

I'm working on it.  Seriously.

Anyway, back to the trip, so we headed out from Naples, meandering our way up the coast to visit Mark's dad.  We decided to take a drive out to Sanibel on our way. We ended up staying out on Captiva, enjoyed seeing a playful dolphin in the harbor area from our balcony,

and another gorgeous sunset before we headed out to dinner.

While here, we got a call from our daughter, Jessica, she got engaged! Gorgeous ring, we are just so happy for both her and her fiancé.  Funny story here, last fall, I took my mom and girls to a play in Chicago.  Mark was home, drove us and had dinner with Dan. Whilst out for dinner, Dan asked Mark if he could marry Scarlett.  The VERY next day, Blain dropped by found Mark here alone, and asked if HE could marry Jessica!! Poor Mark, two daughters in two days!!  So, we are seriously in the wedding business here! Scarlett and Dan are looking at January 2013, Jessica and Blain are looking at April 2013.  I am looking at a little nip/tuck mid 2012... HaHa... I wish.

Back to Florida.

Got to Mark's dads, had a nice time there, we stayed there a few nights, hit the beach and the pool, ate to much and did a little light shopping. You know, typical vacation....

Best of all, we went to my VERY MOST FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD.... a restaurant on St. Armand's Key, for dinner. Dinner outside, with the same piano man that's been there FOREVER.  Seriously, forever, I remember him being there for probably 25+ years.  I pointed out that although a condo in Chicago was all fine and good, we really needed something there....

We stayed on the beach on Lido,  it's just like being home again.

But, now I'm home, home in Illinois... where oddly enough it's still winter, and the sunsets just aren't working for me...and dinner outside, not even a chance.

We do, however, have a piano, so play on piano man.

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  1. COngrats!!!!! How wonderful! So glad you had an awesome trip....much needed after all your stone adventures!!!