Monday, March 5, 2012




I think it's because all I did in between running around last week was sit. At the hospital.


Long story short, my mom was sick, ended up dehydrated, and she hung out at the hospital, where they tested everything they could conjure up to test for, and found.....

an ulcer!!!

Good news! Except, the poor woman is on a liquid diet. Liquid diet for a week is nasty, it's either something you could drink through a straw or will melt on the counter. Everyday she has a new 'thing' she's craving... yesterday it was a Club Sandwich.  Interest in food = she's on the mend! Good news.

Anyway, my sister and I sat there playing on our iPads (thank god for cool Apple toys) obsessing on a word game. Every now and then, mom would pipe up with the answer.. she's good at that stuff.

Then on Friday night, Scarlett came out for her birthday celebration, and to see nana. We had a smaller than usual group, but fun none the less...

Among other cool things, she got a doll...she's like me, a doll girl. This doll came with some cool accessories... like hats.  Poor Jet, he got to try them on...

Honestly he didn't seem to mind to much...

Sunday, we headed into Chicago to a Bridal Show at the Paris Club. Since BOTH girls are in full bridal mode, we all went. The men hung out in the groom's room, and cruised around sampling tastes of potential caterers, while the girls and I gathered up info and even booked something for the wedding!!! WHoo Hoo... a decision....for some reason they are not easily come by lately.

So today, I am catching up on laundry and moving from room to a foggy daze.

I'm just tired, maybe I should take an exercising walk...


instead I'll have a Cadbury Egg.. always invigorating.

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