Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, I'm really remiss in my blogging. Not that anything too exciting happened, but, I do have an excuse.

I was busy working, and I didn't feel good. I'll spare you the details of what the steroid did to me, that made me not feel so hot. Suffice to say, unless my life totally depends on it, I'm not taking it again. Even if my ears are useless for anything other than a place to store diamonds, I'm not taking it.


So, on to week two of 'THE CLOSET.' The mess continues, really it grows. Enter the dust- you remember, the old house dust, that I've discussed before.'s back. And we haven't even started the floor yet.

When we had our kitchen done, by an extremely talented friend and woodsman (not the kind in Red Riding Hood, the artist kind), we ran into a dilemma with the microwave. In order for it to be flush above the stove, it needed to be recessed into the wall- so it jutted into the closet, and a corner of the downstairs bathroom. So for a week or two, there was a hole in the wall, that allowed a man to pee and see out to the main road at the same time. Classy? You bet. But, did make for a lot of laughs at the time.

The bathroom wall has been long sealed up, but the closet, well, it was just us and there was sooooo much other work to do, and when do you EVER take your microwave the hole remained.

But not any more.

It's slow going, but, what do you expect when your wife sits on her butt knitting sunflowers watching NCIS reruns and only one person is working on it?

Arty decorating I'm sporting though.....


  1. Goodness ~ everytime I read one of your posts I just chuckle! This time it was the part about what do you expect when...wife sits..knitting... only one person working on it. I feel the same way at times. What a bonus to have that little peep hole! Should be a bonus when you put your house on the market. Many happy blessings!

  2. Really like the new look of the blog! HOLE? PEEING? VIEW of the MAIN ROAD???? WOuld that be on the side of the neighbors that chopped the hell out of that pine tree???? LOL