Monday, March 1, 2010


That pretty much sums it up. I am extremely allergic to damn near everything. EXCEPT cockroaches... hello.... who cares? Like I ever come in contact with such? I think not. Although I guess it also includes things like earwigs... another lovely little critter.

My arms are really itchy and swollen looking and I'd take a picture - but my camera had a bit too much fun Saturday night with my daughter and was D.O.A. upon it's return home. Alas, poor trusty old friend, trying to keep up with the young.

ANYWAY, I start my allergy regime with drugs for a month, then reevaluate. I still have jazzed ears, BUT the big news is at this point no tubes. My ear drums aren't perfect but there is some improvement!! I also have permanent hearing loss... so that damn ear trumpet is a reality.

Maybe I'll get something more compact... or maybe I'm not interested in listening anyway.


  1. Finally you are getting to the bottom of this! So do we need to call you "Bubble Girl"? yikes...are alergy shots in your future?

  2. So, do they really test for cockroach allergies??