Saturday, March 13, 2010


well, not really they call it Rif(ing). But, yeah, me along with all the other aides in our district got the 'boot' on Thursday. Actually, not just the aides were RIFed, the cuts went deeper. I am really hoping that I will indeed be called back, once they begin calling back. I am fairly high up on the seniority list... I've been there 10 years. Wow! That is really a long time.

I really do like my job, and love MOST of the people I work with, as well as the kids. They are just so damn cute (again, MOST of them). So keep your fingers crossed for me. I could sub, if I don't get called back. But I really like the regularity in working a set 2 days a week and, my savings account loves this job.

Let's face it, in this economy the sub list is going to be deep- really deep.... so I'd be one of many people waiting for 'the call'.

So, that's my news... sucks huh?


  1. Fingers crossed....hopes back thoughts all for YOU!!!


  2. They love ya there!!!! You'll be called back! But just incase I got my fingers & toes crossed for ya!!!!! Plus I'm sure the COunty Jail has an opening for ya...(OMG not as a cell-mate!)...Warden Ardith!!!!!

  3. Seems to be the happening everywhere now adays. IT really does suck!! Fingers crossed for you!