Monday, August 23, 2010

RAVINIA....pas de duex...

2nd Ravinia venue of the summer...

This time it was Counting Crows. Mr. Jones and I....well, really Mark and I went with our family. Unfortunately, Corbin got the date wrong and his 'date' couldn't get the day off, so she couldn't join the fun. Instead, a friend of Jessica and Blain's joined us. His wife and daughter were out of town for the weekend, so he was a man in need of entertainment. And we are nothing if not entertaining!

We loaded up the Land Rover with all the 'supplies' and the entire gang with the exception of Dan, who was working and joining us via the train, and drove the long way up there. Jessica and I were a bit aggressive in getting in the gate, and sequestered our spot. I like to be in the center and fairly close and in the case of a hot night (which it was) there must be shade. We were successful on all counts.

Dan was able to join us well before the concert started, and we all enjoyed picnic foods, and drinks! The evening was great~


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