Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We spent the weekend in Chicago, with our friends, the Wrights. Sailing, tall ships, dinner, piano bar, FUN. A LOT of fun. Too much fun for this old body... both my husband and I were hurting and exhausted on Sunday night when we got home. But, I'd do it all again, in a heart beat...

We met Saturday, armed with enough stuff to go around the world, loaded up the boat and set off. We couldn't have asked for better weather; sunny, hot (but not too hot) and PERFECT wind.

We headed over to Navy Pier to check out the tall ships that had sailed in for the weekend. They were amazing! Then off to sail the lake, and show them 'my vacation' property! And just enjoy the views.

After a full day of sailing, we checked into our hotel, and changed for a dinner at il Mulino. If you want Italian food in Chicago this is your place. Take your wallet, but it's worth it. TOTALLY. Our daughter and her beau joined us for dinner (she is hostess there from time to time).

We had WWWWAAAAAAYYYYYY to much to eat, and drink, but some of us headed off to a piano bar, and some went back to bed.... okay, maybe the smarter ones? or maybe the party poopers? who's to say!!!!

The next morning we gathered forces and headed over to the tall ship show. Jan's sister scored us some tickets and we breezed in and enjoyed looking at the boats- then headed off to our own tall shiplet.

It was a wonderful weekend, with the Wrights - both sets- one we need to revisit as soon as our bodies recover. This getting old shit, is just shit.....but...better than the alternative I'm thinking...

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