Thursday, September 2, 2010

O.O. OPRAH.......

So, you all know who Oprah is... well, I went with my good buddy to see her today.

NO, I did not get a new car, or refrigerator, or even a cup of coffee. She wasn't in a generous mood today. The topic of the day, was a woman with 20 personalities... and this was 'kind of' a follow-up to one she did 20 years ago on a woman named Truddi Chase who had 92 personalities. I can't say it was exactly an uplifting show. Obviously these two women have endured horrific abuse to have this situation.

We decided that we'd go in last night, as neither one of us is exactly a morning person and we would have had to leave at a totally uncivilized hour. As it was, we got up at 5:15... yep, that's right- no typo, 5:15.

We checked into our hotel, and headed up Michigan Avenue to Nordstrom to visit my daughter and her beau (they both are employed there). I tired my best to find some delightful shoes, so I could buy them from him, but alas, nothing in my size that was what I needed (ha, wanted). So I headed up to the 'special occasion' dress department to see what I could buy from my daughter. After trying on a bunch of dresses, I settled on one, and bought it. But, on the way home today, I bought 3 more, so this could be another 7 dress event coming up... but... anyway...

After our shopping, we met up with my friend's son, for dinner. He suggested a fun place that had yummy food. Unfortunately, I ate so much I probably need a bigger size dress. After spending some time in a book store,we headed back to the hotel, to in theory go to bed early. Right. It was a short night.

So back to Oprah... she looked tired this morning, like I DIDN'T. And she came out in little flat shoes, but changed into some EXTREMELY high ones and complained and SAT in them. They were sittin' shoes ~ women know all about this type of shoe. After the show, she did sit and chit chat a bit about the price of shoes, (like it matters to her) and other things, that was fairly light. She also let a couple people who were goofy for her get their pictures taken with her, which is cool. I didn' if it was my girl Babs...a totally different story. However,not to speak ill of her, but, she's lost some of her 'caring personality' and has kind of taken on a reporters roll. Some of the questions and statements she made, were a little harsh. Now, before I get a barrage negative comments, I'm not dissing her- she is a great woman, has done some fabulous things. She is extremely generous ~ just not today.

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  1. went to see OPRAH???!!!!!! Too cool!!!! shame on her for not giving away shoes!!!!!!