Monday, September 6, 2010


Let me start by saying, I didn't take any pictures. So if you're in it for the photos, move on.

Saturday, the nautical forcast was nasty. There were gale force winds, 7 foot waves, so we stayed home. Now this was good, I guess, as my husband got a new computer and wanted to play with it. Our city girl and her beau were home for a wedding of one of her high school friends, and we got to chat with them, so that was nice.

Our older daughter and her beau also went to a wedding. This was also a high school friend, and the groomsmen, who were also life long friends all wore kilts. I gotta say, it was pretty fun to see pictures of these boys in kilts. Anyway, late in the afternoon, we took a convertible ride and ended up perusing mattresses. WE NEED A NEW ONE. REALLY. We made no decision.... ugh.... I did see a kick ass bed- and I mean kick ass. It was expensive, too expensive but cool none the less. We didn't buy it. We didn't buy anything. We came home.

Sunday we headed into the boat finally- it seemed like everything took too long but we did get there. Our son joined us and it was a FAB day. Great wind, not real rough but enough to enjoy the sport. We had a great sail. Afterwords, we headed to a 'sailor bar' my husband has wanted to check out. Great food and a fun place- we'll go back.

Today, it was ugly out. Gray, windy and not anything like predicted. I did the 'Brooke Sheilds' Fashion show' for my mom and husband of the dresses for our high school reunion. We ALL agreed on the same dress for the reunion, and there were two others that were just too cute to return, so I'm ready for any dressy occasions that come my way. After that, my husband and I headed into Chicago, I needed to return a dress (see earlier post). We had lunch with our daughter and headed over to the boat. It was really rough. Mark managed to refill the compass with an evil looking hypodermic needle. He did this without his glasses! I tell you that man amazes me...he can do anything, with or without being able to see.

So that sums it up. Not too exciting, but overall it was a good weekend. Stay tuned for a week of aging........


  1. WOuld you be willing to go on A&E Obsessions show? OCD.....dress buying.....hmmmmm....

  2. Dress and shoes~ kinda like a mini series!!