Monday, September 13, 2010


First off, I survived my birthday. Actually it turned out quite nice- I got great gifts, a yummy cake and had dinner with some old friends. Dinner was a warm up for my High School Reunion, the fun started on Thursday and went on through the weekend.

The Reunion. I helped plan it. Well, in reality, I was the committee from my class. What a group of slackers my class is. I'm dumb struck by the people who live close by and can't be bothered to come see people that fly across the country to see them. Seriously, what keeps people from coming? We haven't had one since 1994.... I know some people had legit conflicts, and some who the hell knows, they didn't even acknowledge the invitation. Okay, so maybe I'm just a little bit irritable.. I had a root canal today.

Off my soapbox, sorry.

We had such a great time- it was FAB to see all the people! Some people looked the same (more or less), some I never would have guessed who they were. Thank god for the name tags. I'm sure my husband and I didn't look any different than we had! hahahahahahahahah I did have one guy tell me I looked better than I had in high school... he really needs glasses, or is just full of s***...but I'll take it! I'm not proud!!

Here's a couple shots of me, courtesy of Sandra. I took a few pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet. I guess I was remiss in taking them, I was having too much fun talking...
and take one and two of a picture of my husband and me

It was a lot of fun. I hope it isn't another 16 years before we have another!

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