Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I loaded up the patient and took him to the Doctor today. All in all, she was pleased with his progress. Although he is still hurting, he's going to. Seriously, why wouldn't he? For some reason today the broken ribs are hurting. This is really the first I've heard him complain about those in particular. They probably hurt this bad all along, but everything else hurt so much, he didn't notice....

Anyway, he's to continue on doing what he's been doing. Which is not much. Resting, NO drinking, NO driving, No heavy lifting and NO working. So what that translates loosely to is 'hanging out at home'. Not much fun for a 22 year old. I know he's sick of it,( for the 4 or so hours he's awake every day) and that's NOT his idea of fun, but, that's just too bad. Nurse Ratched has spoken.

On another note, my city girl came to visit him yesterday and brought me these- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SUNFLOWERS!
Aren't they cheery? She brought him cheesecake- which he said was delish!

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