Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm home. I was in Florida, hoping for a little fun in the sun. But I might as well have been home, it was so DAMN cold there. Seriously? We kept heading south, and it just stayed cold. AND of COURSE, it's already warmer, with a BEAUTIFUL weekend coming. Ugh. Frown.

Now, why was I there? Several reasons actually. I flew down there last Thursday, and met up with one of my live long BFF's. We sat at the airport for a couple hours waiting for my husband to arrive from Houston and laughed and laughed. So my husband arrived and we left her (but not for long) and headed up to Sarasota, Lido Key actually for a couple days at the beach. Got up there for dinner, intending to go to my most FAVORITE place in the world, but that didn't happen. It's really not so much the food there, it's the piano player and the ambiance. The piano man wasn't there, and the whole of St. Armand's was involved in a big festival of lights, Santa, music and a whole lotta people. We figured we'd eat there the next night, and tried out an Italian Restaurant that also had a piano man, who sang...AND they had prosecco by the glass, so I didn't feel I had to drink the whole bottle.

Day 2- heading to the beach, except I forgot my Ugg boots and long johns. It was cool... NOT cold, that was to come... so we went shopping. Got back in time to see the sun melt into the gulf.... I could so see that every day. Dinner at the afore mentioned FAVE place, but the stupid piano man wasn't there that night either.... but, we still had a nice dinner.

Anyway, Saturday rolled around and the real reason for the trip. My 82 year old father in law got married....yes, you read that right, married. She's a nice lady, and has six sons (can you even imagine?) who also seemed nice. It was a nice short wedding. and our side of the family.

After hours, we partied Trumpy style at the hotel with my husband's brother and sister and cousin and their respective spouses... ah yeah...'nuf said.

So on to my BFF... we headed down to her 'home by the sea'. Literally, she lives on the beach in a great condo high rise... what a view. It got quite cold for Florida and for me with my 3/4 sleeve denim jacket and capris... but we had a ton of fun. Mark left heading out to Houston and I stayed. She works as a decorator and let me tell you we are talking high end. Went with her on a couple work related errands... wow. But, we shopped, and talked and ate, and laughed and stayed up to a ridiculous hour... and I had to ship stuff home because I bought so much...

I have just one question... what's up with the '50 lb weight limit' for your baggage on a plane? And this 'just one bag' crap? These STUPID rules are made up by men, I bet.

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