Sunday, March 27, 2011


We heard noise in the attic.... I of course, in an effort to deny all unpleasantries, convinced myself that it was outside. But it wasn't.

A little background here.

A couple years ago, we had to have a new roof put on THIS OLD HOUSE. It was a major undertaking, both physically and financially. But, it HAD to be done. So we got bids, and looked at each other like 'really'? Yeah really. So we chose a guy we liked, and went with it. I know I drove him crazy, vacillating on the shingles, and whether or not to keep the troughs that accent the valleys. But I finally made my choices and they started. His crew came.... the foreman and I had words when I saw one of the glass globes from our lightening rods fly off the roof onto the grass... they were supposed to go back on, unharmed... hello???? They survived. Anyway, After this little 'discussion' he told me this was the hardest job they'd ever done. It had LAYERS upon layers of shingles including the original wood ones.

Wow, sucked to be them. But it sucked even more to be us.

We had to pay for it... and almost worse, we had to clean out the attic (which is full of stuff) and cover everything so it wouldn't get dirty. Now let me tell you... when we sell this house, it's going to be like the Clinique counter.... a free gift with a purchase. And if you happen to have 2 girls and a boy, you are in luck. Toys, memorabilia, good stuff....


There was a 'little' problem with some of the trim boards. Gosh, they are only 108 years old... what do you mean they are rotting?? There were some places they were. So Mark began searching for someone who could replicate said boards. To no avail. So he did the only thing he could do....pretended it didn't exist (he learned that from me). So we ran with it... until we had house guests. And you all know how I feel about house guests. Someone had moved into the attic.

So, my handy son set a live trap and look who we caught!

But, he wasn't alone... oh no, not even close.... Earlier this week it was snowing... big huge pink fluffy hunks of insulation... so picturesque... all over my bushes and porch. Damn squirrels.. as I stood there, pondered what to do about this, I heard a racket, and saw a large black bird come out of the 'hole' with some insulation and fly off.... THERE ARE BIRDS IN MY ATTIC. I'm pretty sure it was a raven, just 'sayin'


I was really edgy. REALLY. What if they get in the wall and get loose in my house? They will peck out your eyes you know.  It was a long week, waiting for my 'men' to address the situation.

So yesterday Mark and Corbin got up there, and assessed the hole (temporarily) and Mark pried off a hunk of trim, put some lovely metal mesh to keep out the critters.
He's going to take the trim board somewhere to have an enormous amount of footage made.  Chaaaa Ching!!

Man, I just love an old house.


  1. Oh my goodness I don't believe I would like animals that went bump in the night in my attic either! Glad you've got someone to take care of the problem, I do too. Old houses are wonderful but you do have to make a lot of sacrifices to live in one.

    Hugs XX

  2. Hee! Hee! BTDT! Make sure he gets the new board before bug season. Wasps are no fun!